Reza Salleh Album Launch

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Finally, super-hero singer songwriter Reza Salleh managed to gather up some of his time to record and produce his debut album, Realize. The album launch was of course joined by fellow musicians such as Liyana Fizi, Mia Palencia, Zalina Lee, Hanafi, Melina Williams, Yuna, Isaac Entry, and David Knight, among others. There were also other musicians spotted around the venue, which was The Apartment at KLCC (held on the 26th of November 2010).

Here are some of the photos that night.

The charming Liyana Fizi.


Hanafi helping out on the guitars for Reza Salleh.

Mia Palencia and Zalina Lee performing together. They look like twins!!!

Melina, sporting her funky red hair fashion.

Our favorite sweetheart, Yuna.

Didi presenting Reza’s birthday donut stack.

Reza’s album, titled Realize can be found at all Rock Corner shops, retailing at RM25.90. Review in the pipeline!


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