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Just in time for the Christmas festive season, Follow the Light is a musical based on the birth of Jesus Christ and Mary’s journey to Bethlehem, to a stable where she gave birth to Jesus Christ. So, if you are already familiar with that story, or are already a Christian, then you should have no troubles following the story during the musical or the characters played.

The show is two and a half hours long and is conveniently split up into two parts. The singing was really brilliant as the cast comprised of singers such as Juwito Suwita, Zalina Lee and also Liang. Background music was provided by a live band, positioned just slightly to the back of the stage and they hit the notes spot on, without missing a beat or got the timing wrong.

Some parts (well, just some) of the musical were kinda draggy as the lyrics were repeated, but it picked up when more members came on stage. And since Jesus was not yet born, the setting was technically held at year 0 B.C. and they made full use of this to add jokes referring to items that were not invented during that era. There was also a cheeky joke which poked fun at Rosmah. Really. Oh, and also something about pirated stuff.

The whole story progression was not really that complicated as most of it involved the various character groups following the light (which was a star) towards the direction of Bethlehem. The groups were aptly the main characters Mary and Joe themselves, the shepherds and the wise men. Of course, before all this happens, there is an Elvis-looking Angel Gabriel (played by Tim Howe), who lets Mary knows of her getting pregnant, and also advising the other characters on their journey towards Bethlehem.

Most of the scenes which involved a few characters were sometimes stale but when there is a group on stage, there was choreographed dancing and this added some dynamics to the musical. Props were kept to a minimal, but the costumes were well-done and detailed, though the wise men costumes were a bit off, I should say.

So, if you have some spare time and would like to refresh yourself to a biblical story, then go grab some tickets and watch the musical! Follow the Light runs from 2 December all the way to 19 December 2010 at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One. Tickets are RM75 and RM55. Head to for more information.


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