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Entering its 2nd time (once in 2 years) of celebrating the best and brightest from the realm of chipmusic and its related disciplines, COLOURAMA event showcases the use of the former heavyweights of computing such as the Commodore 64 and Amiga, the Atari ST and 2600, and the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy to create arresting music and visual art. This event is majoring focus on chiptune annual music festival, the first in Malaysia and the international standard. Colourama shows performance of the musicians chiptune reliable local and foreign countries. Aims to realize the ropes of fellowship, support the morale among the musicians, and a place to exchange ideas and show the capability of the musicians.

The main idea for COLOURAMA is to combines music, design, visual and fashion in one place! Our main concept for this event is 8 bit game era (1982-1990) – and in particular the graphics architectures, algorithms and techniques being employed at that time in computer games. BLIP FEST is the main event for all chiptuners and it is held in New York every year and COLOURAMA is the only annual event that focus on chiptune music in Malaysia!

This year. Colourama II consist performance from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and France.

Why PEOPLE will go to this event?

This event is majoring focus on Chiptune annual music festival, the first in Malaysia and the international standard; Colourama (Malaysia), Blip Fest ( New York and Tokyo), Pesta Mikro (Indonesia) and Pocket Music (Australia)\

This event not only explore the local and global chiptune scenes, but also electro music and bedroom music. People who play and loves music from Gameboy or Atari or others 90s games will come to this event and will feel nostalgic of their childhood memories.

This is definitely not a typical gig with typical music. People will get the chance to experience a very foreign genre of music and be involved in this new soon-to-be subculture that has been around for ages in other countries.

This event only held once in 2 years! And this year is the second time!

There will be Low-Fi live visual along this event collaboration between Motiofixo and Dancing Bears Project – among the best visual artist in Malaysia! Performers come from 4 countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and France!

A venue that situated in the heart of our city, Kuala Lumpur, One Cafe is a new comfortable place to let the music flows with enough space provided for creative purposes.

Artists Performing


Mikrobotmen feat. Chipso Facto
Mikrochip No32
My Empty Battery
ModulaScreen (opening)

Sunday Carousel
Local Drug Store



Robot Asmara
The Dramatic

Hentai Kookies

//Visuals by Motiofixo and Dancing Bears Project

The Malaysian Chiptune Community -chip chip hurray (

Founded in the early day of 2008 by Mikrochip No32, the main purpose is to be introduce 8bit and chiptune music to Malaysia. Mikrochip No32 has since recruited Malaysian and Indonesian chiptuners wheres most of them are studying in Malaysia, to help spread the word of this crazy form of music. There’s more than 15 chiptuners are now recruited in Chip Chip Hurray and the numbers increases from time to time.

Since 2008 and since Colourama 2008, Chip Chip Hurray artistes such as Mikrobotmen, MyEmpty Battery, Mikrochip No32, Sunday Caraousel, amongst others performed in many big event in Malaysia; Rock The World 2009, Youth’09 at PWTC, Wondermilik opening 2009, and Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2009/2010.

In late March 2010, Chip Chip Hurray released the first Malaysian chiptune compilation, titled ‘Hey! It’s Malaysia Chiptunes Compilation’. This compilation features work of 12 artistes and its free for online download.


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