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I first discovered Diana Liu when I was photographing Tokyo Blue at No Black Tie on a fine Wednesday night sometime back in August 2010. It was Tokyo Blue’s last performance in Malaysia. Well, sort of a last concert before Hiro and Ywenna moved over to Singapore (and Josh going over to Berklee for a short stint). I am sure they will come back to Malaysia to perform again anyways.

So yes, I saw this young lady fronting the microphone while Tokyo Blue was the backing band, singing some jazz numbers. It did not matter that she sang in Mandarin (of which I do not understand), but it was good enough to prompt me to get my ass to the front of the stage to record her (using my Sony NEX5 of course).

Diana Liu is a young lass from Kuching, Sarawak (if I’m not mistaken) who is now based in Kuala Lumpur. She has just released her debut album, which I don’t know the title of because it’s written in Chinese. It contains 10 full length tracks, and lucky me, the track titles have an English translation, but are all sung in Mandarin.

The album is purely a jazz/lounge album. Most of the tracks are more laid back, with jazzy bass-lines and piano as the main instruments. There’s 2 uptempo tracks on it, featuring an edgier bass-line and drumbeats, track 4, A Gentle Smile and track 8, I’m Not Afraid (with a slick sounding solo at that as well).

Right from the start, the album put a smile on my face as Forgotten Love has this killer combo of a really relaxing tune complementing Diana’s soothing vocals. Something that you would want to listen to while driving on a empty road at 2am. The same goes with Fish and Melodic, both as soothing and as relaxing, thanks to Diana’s smooth vocals.

To simply sum it up, I would say that Diana Liu is very much akin to Mika Nakashima on her earlier albums. Only with a brighter and a happier tone, not as dark or sad as Mika’s stuff. Very nice stuff.

Diana Liu’s album is manufactured and distributed by Warner Music (M). You should be able to find her album in most good music shops as well as all Rock Corner stores. Retails at RM35, I think. Grab it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Mandarin (same goes with Japanese), you will definitely enjoy it.

Check out her website at, blog at and Facebook page at

Diana Liu will be performing this coming 24th of September 2010 at No Black Tie. Show starts at 10pm, cover charge is RM30. Visit the Facebook event page here


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