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Renown electronica & pop folk singer songwriter & BBC Radio 3 World Music Award winner Sa Ding Ding from Inner Mongolia will be here once again, this time at the invitation of Popular Books for an exclusive concert showcase, at the Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre. Popular Book hopes to share her exquisite talent with us, in line with the forthcoming fifth Bookfest@ Malaysia 2010 (which will be held from 4th to 12th September).

Sa Ding Ding, who is of mixed Han and Mongolian parentage sings several languages including Mandarin, Sanskrit, Tibetan, as well an imaginary self created language to evoke the emotions in her songs. She also plays traditional instruments such as the guzheng and matouqin (horse-head fiddle), and is often acclaimed as the “Bjork of The East” or “Enya of The East”. She has also appeared at Womad, Harrogate Festival & The Royal Albert Hall in the UK.

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