Yuna Decorate Album Launch

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Yuna officially launched her debut album titled Decorate recently at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC for short) which was located at Sentul. It was a 2 day affair and was held on the 23rd and 24th of July, with the performances starting at 9pm on both days.

Upon arriving at the car park I could sense that Pentas 1 will be completely filled up as I had to park on the road shoulder. I wasn’t sure whether it was filled to the brim on the first day, but boy it was nearly filled up on the second day.

Yuna started her set without any delays whatsoever at 9pm sharp with Someone Out Of Town. The stage setup was simple. Yes, simple it was, but it was filled up with musicians! There were 2 guitarists, a bassist, a backup vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, drummer and of course Yuna herself taking center stage behind the monitors. There was space on the left side for 3 additional string players for later in the set.

AG of Hujan on the guitars

The first set of the night consisted of songs such as the familiar Rocket (a song written about her guitar) and Gadis Semasa, a very pop-ish Super Something (which was co-produced by AG of Hujan), and also Greek Goddess and Sparkle. During the song Sparkle, Hanafi of Estranged appeared on stage to provide additional guitars! There was also a song called Permission (which is also on the album), which was inspired by the song, Here In My Room by Incubus.

Hunny Madu, FlyFM DJ as the emcee for the night

Merchandise on sale. You can get her album, titled Decorate at her shop, iamjetfuel located at SS15. The album should cost RM25, and has 10 tracks + 1 hidden track (okay, I will burst the bubble here, the hidden song is actually an acoustic version of Dan Sebenarnya). Get it! Yes, you must get it!

The people

After a short 20 minute break, Yuna continued onto her second set where she played a couple more songs from her album, which included Fireworks, These Streets, Penakut (the build up for this song is really, really awesome!), Cinta Sempurna and Random Awesome.

Dan Sebenarnya was an interesting affair as Yuna used the effects pedal to loop her voice, using it as backing vocals as she sang the intro of the song. Really good work there!

The violins and cello players came up for the song Random Awesome, the closing song for the night, which was about 2 people meeting each other, and well, which hopefully turned into something awesome.

Adil Ali on drums (who also plays for SevenCollar T-shirt)

There was an autograph session after the show, and heck the queue stretched from the ticketing table right until outside the door of the building!


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