Hujan vs Bunkface

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It was not really a battle of Hujan versus Bunkface but it was more of a collaboration between the two local heavy weights. It was a 2 day affair, which was held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of July 2010 at KL Live.

It was a night of chaos, in a good way, as Hujan and Bunkface took turns to play songs from each others repertoire. Hujan was situated on the left side of the stage while Bunkface were positioned on the right.

The gig started with Hujan opening the gig with Revolusi, which was then followed up by Bunkface playing Aku Scandal. The crowd was already going wild from the start, a good sign which followed through into the night.

Hujan, relaxing on their side of the stage while Bunkface took center stage. It soon got more chaotic as band members were mixed around, running around the whole place.

Sam of Bunkface during Soldier, of which he also setup a camera on a tripod in the center of the stage to record the crowd.

AG in the spotlight up on the speakers while doing a solo

There was an interlude halfway in between the show where each member of the band had to outdo the opposing band member on his particular instrument. For Noh and Sam though, they didn’t battle it out on the mics, but instead they took it to the drums! Hilarious!

When Dimas was on, he threw on Mizz Nina‘s What You Waiting For (Mizz Nina was up above in the VIP are) and when Noh also did a short version of Dan Sebenarnya as a tribute to Yuna who was standing among the crowd downstairs.

On the second half of the night, older songs such as Lonely Soldier Boy, Pagi Yang Gelap and Empayarmu were played. Bunkface also played their TM promotional song, Through My Window.


To top things up, the finale was a real party ON THE STAGE. There were cameos of all sorts, including Mohd Jayzuan, and also ex-Hujan bassist Dukegong. At that point, there was like more than 10 people running around the stage while playing the songs Ludah Amerika before ending the night with Situasi.

Mohd Jayzuan cameo appearance

Stage dive by Noh

Pa’an grinding his guitars on the monitors


After the gig, there was a mini-party to celebrate Dimas’ birthday (during the 2nd night which was on 11th of July) and then there was an autograph session for fans to get their stuff signed by both Hujan and Bunkface band members.


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