Urbanscapes 2010 Part 2

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It was a really hot day but it didn’t stop people from gathering around the Lawn Stage. The concert and music areas were not free, you needed to buy tickets to access them though. The lawn stage was where most of the live music took part, featuring acts such as An Honest Mistake and Kyoto Protocol but the charmers for noon were the ladies, Najwa, Yuna, and Liyana Fizi!

Yuna brought out a friend for a duet as well.

Be sure to check our website in the coming days for the coverage of Yuna‘s supersonic debut album (titled Decorate) launch!

AG (Hujan) on guitars for Yuna

Over at Pentas 1 (inside the main building, with air-con!), there was Arabyrd, Figure of Speech and also Monoloque performing. I missed Arabyrd as I was watching the presentation by my very good buddies over at RupaJiwa Studios. Check them out at

Rapper Figure of Speech (Japanese dude, not sure a Malaysian citizen or what) performed a pleasant set with songs touching (but not offending) on race, religion, politics, gender and environmental issues.

Zalila Lee helping out on the guitars and providing amazing backing vocals. Haunting, but cool.

John Thomas on the drums

The crowd nearly filled up Pentas 1

Monoloque did a collaboration with dancer January Low. January danced (well, not your typical dance routines) through all the songs, very interesting indeed.

Monoloque on the pianos, while January performs her routine

During the evening/night, bands such as Khottal, SevenCollar T-shirt, Bittersweet and Couple took stage.

SevenCollar T-shirt played a very solid set which included songs from their latest album, The Great Battle such as Fragile, TET Offensive, Wild Child and Lucky You.

Bittersweet, with fans familiar with their new line up (Fizan on vocals and Moon ex-The Times was on guitars) were also on the same routine, performing almost all new songs which included Knights of the Round Table, Burn Berlin Burn before ending with Kuching Hitam as usual.

Couple was the last band of the night, but I had to go back early as I had to attend the Standard Chartered KL Marathon a few hours after that.


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