Urbanscapes 2010 Part 1

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It has been 1 month since Urbanscapes, sorry for the delay, but yeah Urbanscapes 2010 was held on the 27th of June 2010 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC for short), Sentul. Last year’s Urbanscapes was also held at the same venue.

One interesting event which happened this year was the ‘Project Angkat Rumah‘ event, where approximately 250 people carried a small wooden house (a real small one, no rooms) from Sekolah Kebangsaan Sentul Utama at Jalan Ipoh to KLPAC.

There was obstacles along the way such as overhead signs and also power cables which prevented the house from continuing its journey. Luckily they managed to find a detour which successfully brought the house to the entrance of KLPAC where the almighty guard house was awaiting.

Fortunately the organisers foresaw this and prepared a crane to hoist the house over the guardhouse, allowing the people to continue carrying the wooden house towards its final destination, which was inside KLPAC.

Perfect weather, hot sun, clear blue skies and large puffy clouds made it an exciting afternoon for everyone at Urbanscapes.

The marketplace outside had booths practically everywhere. T-shirts, accessories and merchandise.

Inside the building, there was art installations and yet more booths selling t-shirts, plushies and one interesting one, selling notebooks, featuring a special Moleskine notebook, which is a collaboration between Cziplee and Moleskine.

There was also a Yasmin Ahmad screening where several of her previous movies were shown. Interestingly, the screening was free for the public!

Check out part 2 for the music and the bands! [Coming soon]


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