It was a relaxing and entertaining 24th of June night, as Tokyo Blue and The Rhapsody played a host of jazz, nu-jazz, and lounge tunes.

Tokyo Blue, if you haven’t already heard of them or watched them perform, is an all-instrument band, with Hiro on the bass, Josh on the drums and Ywenna on the keyboards. Ywenna wasn’t there that night though.

Tokyo Blue started out with Circle, and then going into Before Dawn and a couple of  their originals before ending their set with 3 Miles. They also threw in Jaco PastoriusThe Chicken into their set!

After Tokyo Blue, it was time for Rhapsody, also a jazzy band, but this time with vocals which was done by Nicole. The Rhapsody’s set was really easy going, flowing from one song into another, with jokes thrown in by bassist-cum-comedian, Kevin.

They played a few covers including Indie Arie‘s I’m Not My Hair, Colin Bailey Rae‘s Munich and then continued on with some originals, the interesting one being ‘You Look Better When You Are Naked‘. The crowd didn’t let them go when they ended their set that night and demanded for more! Good on ya! As a response, Rhapsody adhoc-ly decided to play Maroon 5‘s Sunday Morning for the encore.


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