Pekan Frinjan 12 was held at Dataran Shah Alam with the theme Efek Rumah Hijau. As usual, there was a host of stalls as well as performances which ranged from bands, solo artists and to poem recitals. The interesting highlight that night was the poem recital from Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong (ADUN Bukit Lanjan). Of course, the crowd was also eagerly waiting for the performance by non-other than Shah Alam local sweetheart, Liyana Fizi.

Local indie rock fighter, Mohd Jayzuan (vocalist for Free Love) was also there, promoting his new book (which was to be released the week after), 28 Hari Jurnal Rock n Roll. It’s a small-ish book which describes his 1 month journey across the peninsular Malaysia, across states and into towns, meeting his friends and also his feelings throughout his journey. Get it while it’s hot, and it costs just RM15.

So, as to follow the theme for the night, free recyclable bags were given out to promote the ‘no-plastic bag policy’. The event was organised by Pekan Frinjan and supported by Tourism Selangor, MBSA and also Republik Anak Muda (RAM). For further details about Pekan Frinjan, visit http://www.myspace.com/frinjan

Among the bands who performed that night included Ph7, Definitely Maybe, Part Time Lovers, Ajwad, Damien, Primary, Liyana Fizi and also Kyoto Protocol.

Ajwad, with an interesting acoustic performance on his guitar. Check him out at http://www.youtube.com/user/maerst.

Poem recital by Elizabeth Wong (the poem was not written by her though)

Liyana Fizi

Zulfadli Supian (in the purple Bottlesmoker shirt)

One of the many book stalls there

Kyoto Protocol

An interesting poem recital which includes a tiny play in between the 2 presenters


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