Hey! That’s Not Your Bass! was organised in part to collect funds for Hiro (bassist for Tokyo Blue), who lost his 2 bass guitars to a bunch of mat rempits. Surprisingly, they managed to recover one of his guitars, the other, well, is still out in the open.

Held on the 3rd of June 2010, it was organised by Reza Salleh while No Black Tie sponsored the venue for the night. Tickets were RM20, but I don’t know how much went to the donation fund or how much was allocated to cover the event costs.

Bo (aka Mr Fluff), singing for Seven

The venue was super packed at about 8.30pm, people were standing at all possible locations, and the staircase was relegated to being one lane, which was really tight when traffic became 2 way. Well, that shows the support they had that night! The crowd was a mixed bunch, consisting of people of various nationalities, ethnicity and loads of ICOM students.

So yes, there was about 13 (or was it 17) acts performing that night, the last one, of course, was Tokyo Blue, with Hiro on the bass (with a loaned bass at that!). To keep things fast and quick, each band performed around 2 to 3 songs, depending on length.

Liyana Fizi, looking really sleek in her dress and chic hairstyle.

Jerome Kugan

Figure of Speech was really outstanding that night, delivering really smooth freestyle rap with really solid and strong lyrics, yet sprinkled with a dash of humour all around. Backing music was provided by Zalina Lee, who also did the backing vocals, which sounded absolutely perfect. This duo reminded me of Nujabes (Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nujabes).

Reza Salleh, performing with a violinist.

The ever so vibrant and energetic Azmyl Yunor.

Pitbull Inc. with their dynamic vocalist. They did a nice Tenacious-D styled piece and then for the next song, the vocalist literally sang without the microphone. Awesome vocals and style.

Tilu was also performing their brand of new school jazz/lounge that night. If I’m not mistaken, they consist of 7 members, with brass instruments enhancing the jazz/lounge feel of their music.

Awesomeness of Her, Faiz and Izwin on the vocals, and Hanafi on the guitars. Nice combo!

Second last band for the night, Deja Voodoo Spells, headlined by our very own guitar god, Rithan did a nice rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Not the whole song though, I was expected the Arabic part to kick in LOL! After which, they kicked into a favorite song from their debut album, Five!

Rozaimi on the bass, this time for this solo version of the Doraemon theme song, of which the crowd then happily sang along to the tune of Do–ra-ey–mo–uunnn. Heck!

Hiro, well, couldn’t tell whether he was holding back his tears but he looked sincerely touched by everyone who was at the event. So yeah, Tokyo Blue kicked in to end the night and well, it was a late Thursday night! The gig ended at approximately 2.30am!


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