The Battle Protocol

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The Battle Protocol is SevenCollar T-shirt’s second (hmm, well, I think it’s their second anyway) concert at a performing arts theater/hall. It was held on the 21st and 22nd of May 2010 at the KL Performing Arts Center (KLPAC) at Sentul. Their first one was held way back in 2007 at The Actor’s Studio.

Veterans of the local music scene, SevenCollar T-Shirt (will be referred to SCTS from now onwards) has just recently released their 3rd album, which is titled The Great Battle and this event is partly to promote the album (hence the similarities in the naming theme). The Great Battle has the trademark SCTS unique sounding guitar lines, haunting ambience, and Duan’s draggish vocals.

On the first show (on 21st May), the venue, or rather theater, was just about half, to probably 60% full. Well, it’s a Friday night, so, err, well who cares. The first set (yes, it was separated into 4 different themes) started out with drum band intro, and then SCTS band members joined them soon. The drum beats start at full blast and into the first song of the night, TET Offensive, fresh off their latest album. They did mix in their older songs such as Renaldo Moon and Brand New Number One into the set. Sounded as good as it sounded before, really fresh.

Delightfully, the band, especially Duan’s vocals sounded really really good, in fact, as good as the recording. As expected from a venue of this caliber, the sound system is perfect, albeit the treble a bit slightly too loud, could promote ringing in the ears.

The second set featured some electronics, thanks to Hashir of The Otherside Orchestra and his trademark bright orange case on stage. Highlights during this set was Fragile, and a sweet slow sounding Drones, from well, the Drones album!

There was also a weirdish synthesizer which gave out a haunting sound, controlled by waving your hands above the gadget (sorry for the lack of a better word).

There was also a set featuring a stringed band (Strings Quartet, with a double bass and several violins) together with our new sweetheart, Yuna! As always, Yuna looked great on stage with her trademark fashion stylings and boy her bubbly voice suited the song In Hiding (Like A Child) perfectly. Check it out here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-6cHpaxauA

Yuna came back after the song Faith to join in for the song Boohoorah Theory, which was also a great song choice for this collaboration.

A short drum solo by Ali Halim.

The last set was again accompanied by the percussion unit, and began with December, of which they also performed at the Actor’s Studio, before including it into their latest album. The last few songs for the night was A Dissappearing Act, Exiled and lastly Lights.

It’s really great to see a band put this kinda effort to elevate their performance to the next level, and also allowing us to witness such performance at a bargain price (as compared to RM188, RM288, RM468, etc). I would really like to see more bands do this and let’s raise the bar!


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