Dance Punk Party June 2010

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Hello party people!

Time to dust up those shin-high sneakers, pull out the glow sticks and most importantly, stttreechhhhhhhh! For we’ve got a lotta dancin’ ahead of us, folks! :)

Here’re the details:

Time : 3pm to 12am
Venue: Noisy Studio Ampang (STAR LRT AMPANG, two minutes’ walk)
Entrance: RM 10
Contact: 0198469598 Jarrod

The acts for the night:

1. Tenderfist
These lads had wowed the lil indie-dance kids in all of us when they opened AND jammed (I wanna dance with you) with KINGS OF CONVENIENCE!
woot! Come and catch these mellow but still eminently danceable trio in action.


2. The Fridays
Hailed as ‘smart’ by none other than Joe Kidd, and ‘the next oag’ by Siang of Umbrella, these Ampunks have transitioned from unwieldy Gin Blossoms jangle to unabashedly New Wave. They made us joget our pants off with ‘Pavillion is for losers’ at DPP March 2010. We’re sure they’re gonna set our feet alight again!


3. Red Sign
These dudes inject a tad of neo-soul into the proceedings. They promise to surprise us with danceable tunes. We do love surprises :)

4.Round Robin
What’s there to love about a bald guitarist with Zakk Wylde illusions writhing next to a drummer/DJ bopping his head to electro grooves emanating from his laptop? Lotsa, apparently.


5. M.O.I.S.T

Taking cues from melancholic early 80s post-punk and 21st century Nu Rave, the trio’s tagline ‘Are u feeling moist yet?’ made the girls.exactly.that. Plus Celine is only the hottest drummer around :p


These dudes are dapper dapper dapper. Not only cos they turned up in full Joy Division-esque regalia (read: ironed work clothes and polished shoes), they made some of the sparest, immediate post-punk tunes this side of Malaysia.


7. Enrai
Japanese for ‘Distant thunder’, these Dance Punks infuse melodic basslines into thumping (danceable) anthems. They have stirred the crowd into a frenzy at every DPP since 2008. They look set to do the same this June.


8. Kaos Beat
What has been said about Kaos Beat that hasn’t been said already? These boys not only churn out uber danceable, psychadelic tunes reminiscent of Madchester’s zenith, they also tear the dancefloor apart from start to end…EVERY FREAKING TIME. You gotta love the sight of Apitt, Fizzy and friends berjogetan at the DPP. They be hyper! :D


Marking their debut at the DPP, the trio packs a mean punch where nu-rave tunes are concerned. Armed with a behemoth CASIO digital bass and add Tina ‘the seducer’s salacious keyboards into the mix, and you’ll have a threesome that can coax the ravin’ outta the dyin’.


10. Ben’s Bitches
Which snotty Malaysian schoolboy does not know the lines to ‘Aku suka jolok’, ‘Jialat’ or croon ‘Ah Beng emo metal’ to their Ah Lian girlfriends? These boys puts the ‘punk’ firmly in Dance Punk…though they’re admittedly more punk than dance. One can’t argue with LEGENDS, mannn!

11. M.A.N
THese art-punks is DPP’s closest brush with the avant-garde and the experimental. Wanna get your intellectual groove on? You got it!

12. Secret Love Affair
It is no secret that this band has been making the rounds and gaining some measure of commercial success (they are arguably the most ‘mainstream’ band here) But we at DPP can’t look past their obvious love for electro and dance’s twinkly bits – both of which makes em cool in our book.


There might also be an impromptu art exhibition or two in the Noisy Studio itself. That aside, the DPP need your support to make this scene – the DANCE PUNK scene – in Malaysia – a vibrant one. To put it bluntly, come and enjoy the FUN-nest gig (nee party) you’d never before experienced.

This gig is almost entirely self-financed by our dancepunk-in-residence, Jarrod. Come show your support so we can have the next one…and the next one…and the next one…and the next one!

And DO check out the pics from the past DPPs to get an idea of how fun it REALLY is…:p



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