June 2010


Urbanscapes 2010

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Urbanscapes is back this year and it”s held at the same venue as before, the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center. It will be happening on the 26th of June 2010 and starts from 12pm till 12 midnight. Tickets are RM30 pre-sale (available at Rock Corner outlets) and RM40 at-door.

Check out the music schedule here http://www.urbanscapes.com.my/music/. Bands will be playing mostly at night and Bittersweet will be playing a huge 50 minute set!


Pekan Frinjan 12 was held at Dataran Shah Alam with the theme Efek Rumah Hijau. As usual, there was a host of stalls as well as performances which ranged from bands, solo artists and to poem recitals. The interesting highlight that night was the poem recital from Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong (ADUN Bukit Lanjan). Of course, the crowd was also eagerly waiting for the performance by non-other than Shah Alam local sweetheart, Liyana Fizi.

Local indie rock fighter, Mohd Jayzuan (vocalist for Free Love) was also there, promoting his new book (which was to be released the week after), 28 Hari Jurnal Rock n Roll. It’s a small-ish book which describes his 1 month journey across the peninsular Malaysia, across states and into towns, meeting his friends and also his feelings throughout his journey. Get it while it’s hot, and it costs just RM15.


Hey! That’s Not Your Bass! was organised in part to collect funds for Hiro (bassist for Tokyo Blue), who lost his 2 bass guitars to a bunch of mat rempits. Surprisingly, they managed to recover one of his guitars, the other, well, is still out in the open.

Held on the 3rd of June 2010, it was organised by Reza Salleh while No Black Tie sponsored the venue for the night. Tickets were RM20, but I don’t know how much went to the donation fund or how much was allocated to cover the event costs.

Bo (aka Mr Fluff), singing for Seven

The venue was super packed at about 8.30pm, people were standing at all possible locations, and the staircase was relegated to being one lane, which was really tight when traffic became 2 way. Well, that shows the support they had that night! The crowd was a mixed bunch, consisting of people of various nationalities, ethnicity and loads of ICOM students.


The Battle Protocol is SevenCollar T-shirt’s second (hmm, well, I think it’s their second anyway) concert at a performing arts theater/hall. It was held on the 21st and 22nd of May 2010 at the KL Performing Arts Center (KLPAC) at Sentul. Their first one was held way back in 2007 at The Actor’s Studio.

Veterans of the local music scene, SevenCollar T-Shirt (will be referred to SCTS from now onwards) has just recently released their 3rd album, which is titled The Great Battle and this event is partly to promote the album (hence the similarities in the naming theme). The Great Battle has the trademark SCTS unique sounding guitar lines, haunting ambience, and Duan’s draggish vocals.


Hello party people!

Time to dust up those shin-high sneakers, pull out the glow sticks and most importantly, stttreechhhhhhhh! For we’ve got a lotta dancin’ ahead of us, folks! :)

Here’re the details:

Time : 3pm to 12am
Venue: Noisy Studio Ampang (STAR LRT AMPANG, two minutes’ walk)
Entrance: RM 10
Contact: 0198469598 Jarrod


Some of you in the scene may have heard about Hiro from Tokyo Blue (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTQfKzI8wmc) being surrounded and robbed of RM12k worth of music gear (a Yamaha TRB5 Japan red/orange color bass, a Moon 4 string fretless Japan sunburst color bass and an Aguilar Tone Hammer preamp) by mat rempits after a show a few weeks ago.

Hiro is a talented bassist, a hardworking band leader, a full-time musician and above all a nice guy who didn’t deserve what happened to him. A few of us decided to come together to help out and we’re hoping you can too.
I sent a request out to all the KL-based musicians I know and the positive support I got back was simply staggering. The line-up would be twice what we have if I billed everybody. No Black Tie has come in as venue sponsor (they also put in a RM500 contribution) and so now we have a 19 act line-up. They are, in no particular order:

~words by Reza Salleh


Pekan Frinjan 12 hadir dengan tema ‘Efek Rumah Hijau‘ bersempena dengan Hari Alam Sekitar Sedunia yang jatuh pada tanggal 5hb Jun setiap tahun. Menjadi harapan kami agar mesej dan pesan seputar isu-isu alam sekitar dapat disampaikan kepada khalayak muda khasnya dengan pendekatan santai dan cool.
5hb Jun 2010, hari Sabtu
jam 5.00 petang sehingga 12 tengah malam
bertempat di Laman Menara Jam, Dataran Shah Alam, Selangor

Susunan program

5.00pm – gerai-gerai anak muda dan NGO dibuka
8.45pm – persembahan muzik, puisi, teater dan naskhah dimulakan
12.00am – tamat

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!