David Corio, a UK-based rock and roll photographer was in town to give a talk in conjunction with his photography showcase, titled ‘Youth/Decay Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Photograph Exhibition‘ which was presented by Converse. The exhibition was held at the Zinc Art Space, Bangsar, from 24th of April till the 5th of May 2010.

There was a mini-launch party held on the night before the talk, featuring local DJs and bands. David Corio’s talk was on the 24th April, a Saturday, which was convenient for most people to come and attend it. Parking at the gallery was a little bit tight though, so future attendees should take note of this and perhaps park opposite the road at Dataran Maybank, or even at Menara UOA (Bangsar LRT station).

First thing to greet you at the gallery is a wide picture of Johnny Rotten (of Sex Pistols), which if I recall properly was taken back in the 1980’s. Yes, David started taking photographs since the 80’s (on film, mind you) and his subjects has since became super rock stars, such as U2, Sex Pistols, and The Clash.

Since then, he has taken photographs of many popular artists such as the legendary Bob Marley (in which he had to wade into a pool, water chest-high, just to take some shots), Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, and many more. The photos shown during the exhibition was all in black/white, and yes, they were all on sale.

A Converse All Star shoe in collaboration with the Sex Pistols

The talk by David Corio was a relaxed one, where he shares on how he got into the industry, how he dealt with his subjects, some technical aspects (eg: lens, film ASA speed, shutter/aperture) on photography and also his life now. In short, he started out by taking photos of local bands, and sent the rolls of film to NME‘s offices, and when NME started using his photographs, it all went north from there where then start to work with major newspapers and such.

One of the other best advices that David gave to the audience was that the lens is more important than the camera. He used prime lenses exclusively during the film era as the zoom lenses quality were just not as good. But as the technology improved, zoom lenses are now much better and he uses them now.

There was a short photo sharing session where the audience could show David some of their works and get some comments from David. And of course, there were postcards were they could get David’s to autograph on.

This event was a good chance for budding photographers (especially photographs who shoot the local music scene, hey, you know who you guys are!) to come together, meet each other, and also get some great insight and tips from the pro himself. Let’s hope we have more of such events in the upcoming months/years!

David’s wife (a Malaysian), Suraya Warden (Zinc) and David Corio

Megaliths, David’s book on monoliths and architecture was also on sale.

Special thanks to Suraya Warden of Zinc Art Gallery and also Zinc Art Gallery themselves for organising such a great event (not to mention, it was FREE).


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