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The International College of Music will be having their annual Final Friday Performance on the 7th of May 2010 at their Recital Hall. The performance starts at 4pm, and entrance is free!

The Final Friday Performance began many years back as get together sessions for the students to perform on stage. Competition amongst students were at its peak back then. Everyone wanted to perform. The culture evolved overtime and became tradition. Performances grew. The attitude of the culture maintained.

Friday Performances are held weekly to select a winner to perform for The Finals – known as The Final Friday Performance. This semester, 9 musicians will be performing on stage. All from different backgrounds and influences but with 1 commonality, their passion for music. These musicians are Irma Seleman, Feri Lau Widjaja Bong, Jesica Yap,Terry Tim, Eugene Yeo Yu Chuan, Cliff Wong, Kelly Phoon and Khoay Vern Hanz.

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