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The Elevate Tour finally made its way to Kuala Lumpur on the 18th of April 2010. The event was co-sponsored by DiGi and was managed by artistscolony and was held at Astaka, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Entrance costed RM10, but it came with coupons where you can redeem it for stuff and drinks.

Aaron Mokhtar and Rina Omar were the emcees.

Touring for the event are bands like Robot Asmara, 40 Winks, Bittersweet, Pesawat, Love Me Butch and also newcomers, An Honest Mistake.

It was a very hot and sunny afternoon, and the crowd was gathering under the trees and shades, but after some persuading from the emcees, they started to enter the venue, braving the sunshine. Robot Asmara, had the honours of being the first band and kick started the event.

An Honest Mistake was up next, giving the crowd a taste of some emo-rock, with Darren display some showmanship with his ‘swinging the guitar around the back’ skills.

The dreadlocked drummer for An Honest Mistake

40 Winks came on stage together with their new vocalist, Ezza and whoever in the crowd that shouted out ‘Ezza comel’ will get a free single! 40 Winks sounded really solid this time around and Ezza did a really good job on the vocals.

British-rock inspired, Ipoh boys Bittersweet was next. This was one of the few times I managed to catch them performing while the sun was shining (the other time I remembered was during Rockaway 2009). By now, the crowd were starting to accept Hafiz as Bittersweet’s new vocalist, in which, I should say that he does a really good job at it. Kudos dude, and keep up the spirit!

They did play one of my favorite songs from the upcoming album, Ceritera, along with Burn Berlin Burn before ending their set with all time favorite, Kuching Hitam.

Hard rock heroes, Love Me Butch managed to create a smallish mosh-pit in the crowd, with songs such as Come Out, Come Out and Barricade.

One cool thing about Love Me Butch is that they are constantly moving about the stage (except the drummer of course). Here they are, all 3 aligned on the front of the stage.

It was starting to rain as Pesawat made their way on stage. Jipie started out on his trademark red keyboards on the Rasional Emosional, before moving onto the guitars for the next song,  Mirage, and then ending with Excuse Me.

And lastly, while it was raining heavier, it was time for Hujan, the final band to take the stage. Very very ironic, there’s been several cases in the past where it started to rain just as it was Hujan’s turn to play. Well, the rain did not hamper the crowd as they stood right in front of the stage, thanks to the protection from the free ponchos given out by the organisers.

Hujan played a mix of new and old material, including Mencari Konklusi from the new album of the same title, and also Aku Scandal and Ludah Amerika.

Be sure to catch the Elevate Tour at your town! They will be playing at Butterworth on the 8th of May and then Ipoh on the 16th of May.


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