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Bite. Yeah, bite. Bite is Deja Voodoo Spells‘ (DVS) second offering, after their debut album ‘I am what I am‘ 5 years ago. Clearly, everyone knows that DVS’ lead guitarist, Rithan, is one of Malaysia’s top guitarist, who is also sponsored by Ibanez Guitars.

If you have expected to get more of ‘I am what I am‘ in the second album, then sorry to say, but you won’t. It’s more of what St. Anger was to the previous Metallica albums. Well, just sort of, not exactly. So, what has exactly changed in the 5 years between the first album and this one?

The album has already caught the attention of millions, with singles ‘Rock and Roll‘ and ‘Wanting You‘ voted to the number 1 spot on the Malaysian charts, Hitz Fm’s International Top 30 and an Anugerah Industri Music (AIM) nomination for Best Male Vocal. Bite was also nominated for 9 Voize Independent Music Awards, the most nominations for a single artiste, and ended up winning the most awards of the nights as well, including Best Rock Act.

The band have already won more than 10 awards, including Best New Artiste for their debut ‘I am what I am‘ at the 2006 AIMs. They are endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, Tama Drums, Wagen Picks and Ziljian Cymbals.

The album starts out without any warning, just fast and hard with the opening track, Melanophobia. Faster, heavier riffs, with shorter solos this time around. Fret not though, the solos are not completely gone (as in St. Anger), they are still here, but not every song has the long melodic intro/mid/outro solos that we are used to hear in the first album.

It then continues serving you with hard rock with Bite (which, Rithan describes that he felt like biting something while creating the riffs for this song). This is a particular catchy song, especially when it reaches the chorus, very nice for a sing along with lyrics such as:

I’m gonna live my life
Like it’s the last day
That I’m ever gonna breath
I’m gonna live my live today.

The double pedals during the break (or solo) section of Bite reminded me of Metallica’s ‘…And Justice For All‘ (the song, not the album). Speaking of Metallica, the tracks on Bite has a that deep, heavy metal feel to them.

What Will Be Will Be is one heck of a speed/thrash metal track right from the start to the end. The drumming itself make you bob your head without you noticing. Try to catch Tiffanee Marie‘s voice on the track if you can.

The mood slows down considerably on the fourth track, Wanting You, with nice wah-wah effects used during the intro. Wanting You was one of the earlier tracks that we DVS had released out and I’m sure most of us have heard it before. Hey, it shows that Rithan’s voice can be ahem, ‘sexy’ as well. This sure is one sexy rock track (and the lyrics as well). When I first heard this song (quite some time back), I was thinking to myself ‘What the heck?’ but when the solo hit, I was relieved.

Rock N Roll is no doubt the track that we all have heard as DVS plays this song quite often at their shows. Straight up rock and roll, no questions asked.

Rock and roll
Music for the people
Rock and roll
Music for the soul

Oh, of course there’s the BM version, hidden somewhere on the disc. Ah, there, I spoiled the surprise for you! Too bad!

Road Trip Jam is the only instrumental song on the album where the guitar sings. It has a happy Joe Satriani feel to it. Nice to play while driving on a nice hot sunny day (with the aircon turned on of course), hence the title Road Trip Jam! You will instantly love this song if you love the Gran Turismo 2 Extended Score Groove.

Fans with craving for songs that sound like those in the first album will certainly be satisfied with The Enemy In Me. The final song in the album is certainly a surprise one as it is a cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. DVS performed this song during the MJ Tribute at Bentley Music Auditorium last year.

*Remember to find the hidden Bahasa Malaysia version of Rock N Roll okay. Rithan’s vocals sound like some ‘Mat Salleh’ trying to speak BM lol.

The album is very nicely laid out, with slower tracks pushed in between the heavier ones so as not to tire out the listener. There are certainly heavy sections in the slower tracks, so the mood is not totally lost. Do get this album (and the previous one if you haven’t yet) for 40 minutes of pure rock pleasure.

I got my copy signed!

One of the reasons that Rithan went with the rock and roll feel was that he did not have the chance to really rock it out on stage with the tracks from the first album. Yes, no doubt the tracks on the first album are brilliant, but Rithan felt that he paid to much attention to getting the solos on the tracks right to enjoy himself on stage during shows (as compared to other bands). So yeah, there you have it! The rock star himself wants to enjoy himself as much as the audience. And werewolves? Well, Rithan has always liked werewolves, and inspires to be one!

Deja Voodoo Spells are Ainol on drums, Rozaimi on bass and Rithan on guitar and vocals.

Bite is available at all leading record shops, you can email wantingdejavoodoospells@gmail.com to order their special copies.

More information is available at www.dejavoodoospells.net


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