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Bite. Yeah, bite. Bite is Deja Voodoo Spells‘ (DVS) second offering, after their debut album ‘I am what I am‘ 5 years ago. Clearly, everyone knows that DVS’ lead guitarist, Rithan, is one of Malaysia’s top guitarist, who is also sponsored by Ibanez Guitars.

If you have expected to get more of ‘I am what I am‘ in the second album, then sorry to say, but you won’t. It’s more of what St. Anger was to the previous Metallica albums. Well, just sort of, not exactly. So, what has exactly changed in the 5 years between the first album and this one?

The album has already caught the attention of millions, with singles ‘Rock and Roll‘ and ‘Wanting You‘ voted to the number 1 spot on the Malaysian charts, Hitz Fm’s International Top 30 and an Anugerah Industri Music (AIM) nomination for Best Male Vocal. Bite was also nominated for 9 Voize Independent Music Awards, the most nominations for a single artiste, and ended up winning the most awards of the nights as well, including Best Rock Act.

The band have already won more than 10 awards, including Best New Artiste for their debut ‘I am what I am‘ at the 2006 AIMs. They are endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, Tama Drums, Wagen Picks and Ziljian Cymbals.

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