Super Junior Super Show 2

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Super Junior Super Show 2 was held at Stadium Putra on the 20th of March 2010. Even though the concert was slated to start at 8pm, thousands of fans thronged the venue and booked spots at the entrance at as early as 3pm. The hot and sunny day was no deterrent to the hardcore fans, most of them wearing blue t-shirts, as the official color for Super Junior was Pearl Sapphire Blue.

It was not Super Junior’s first visit to Malaysia, though, they have already been here twice previously, one to film a music video, and the second, for the MTV Asia Awards 2008 (at Genting). The concert this time is organized by Redstar Presents and managed now-industry veterans Marctensia (who brought in quite a few big names in the past including Jason Mraz and Akon). Super Junior, of course is under the management of SM Entertainment.

Most of them brought umbrellas, which proved to be useful later, as it rained slightly, of which, the fans refused to budge but instead asked the gate officials to open the gates for them to enter (of which it did not happen).

Super Junior during the press conference. Only 10 out of the 13 members came that night. They were:

They did not really say much during the PC, except that they really enjoy being in Malaysia despite the hot weather, visiting the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, and thanking the fans.

The patient yet eager crowd waiting to burst right into the stadium.

Fans, with the very own placards and posters!!!

At about 6pm, the gates opened and the fans trickled in slowly. The stadium was quickly filled up but it wasn’t until 7pm that Thomas Jack came on stage to perform a dance routine followed by song. After Thomas Jack, solo artist, Iqwal came on stage to perform a song and then it was time.

Thomas Jack performing their dance routine

Singer Iqwal who sang in both Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

15,000 fans packed the stadium that night, most of them waving blue wands (and also wearing blue shirts). There were also Super Junior and ELF (Ever Lasting Friends) banners placed all around the stadium.

After a 20 minute wait, the intro movie started to show on the screens and after a short video introduction of each of the band members, they slowly come up on every side and corner of the massive stage and started the night with the first song, Thirsty.

The stage was really huge, but the boys spent most of the time on the main area (just in front of the screen) most of the time. They sometimes walked out to the outer edges of the stage, but mostly it was either the back of the stage, or at the center. The lighting and pyrotechnics were awesome, thanks to the RM6 million it took to construct the stage.

Making a comic set come to live.

There was a short fighting clip in where the boys were fighting in the rain against some unknown enemies. It was quite really quite intense, and the fighting moves were quite powerful.

Throughout the night, the boys took turn to sing in groups of 5, solo, and sometimes as a full band with together with their superb choreography. 35 songs were sang that night, which included My beautyful, Insomnia, TWINS, Don’t Don’t, Dancing Out, Miracle and many more.  Forgive Me and Blur Tomorrow were the 2 Mandarin songs sang.

During Puff the Magic Dragon, the set was changed to a video game/cartoony one where the backdrop displayed a cute video game-like scenery. The boys were dressed in costumes and skit ended where -the animal- was caught in a net.

A sexy Heechul exposing his red inner shirt.

Later in the set, there was a short interlude where a video clip was played with messages shown on the screen together with the band member’s portraits, thanking their fans who was with them all the while, and also to their fan club ELF.

During Shining Star, the boys sat at various corners of the stage, close to the audience, allowing them to interact and also receive gifts from their fans.

A smooth sounding Sorry Sorry soon played, and after the R&B version was finished, the boys came on stage looking all very splendid in white.

They busted out they every so popular Sorry, Sorry dance moves and got the crowd standing up and dancing. They were then lowered down from the stage via the elevator after the song ended.

After that, the moment that everyone was waiting for, the boys came back, decked up as girls. Before ending the night, the boys came out during the encore, singing Marry U while playing with water guns, shooting and wetting each other. I’m sure the fans like it a lot and so did the Super Junior boys!

All in all, 15,000 fans, 10 boys, a RM6 million stage and a whopping 35 song set made it a brilliant night for everyone in the stadium. No doubt that it was hot in the afternoon (and slightly wet) and that the way out to the exit and car park was jammed, but it was all worth it, so let’s look forward to them coming back again, after working on their 4th album.


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