Placebo Live in KL

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After 15 years, Placebo finally make its way to our country (same goes with koRn, in which Jonathan Davis mentioned that it took them ‘15 mother fucking years to finally come over to Malaysia‘ during Sunburst 2009). Well, Metallica are a decade past their 15th anniversary and they still haven’t made it here.

Placebo Live in Kuala Lumpur was organised by Fat Boys and Midas Promotions and was held on the 16th of April 2010 at KL Live.

The concert was slated to start at 8pm, but those who were wanting to get the front row positions arrived as early as 4pm. Nevertheless, it was a sold out crowd at the venue, packing in nearly 4,000 people like sardines at the small-ish KL Live floor. Some got to the top floor, but only at the edges, as the view was blocked.

Weird enough, Twilight Action Girl was the opening act. I was expecting a band or two to open for them, but well, TAG spun some songs and then handed the stage over to Placebo, which immediately started with For What It’s Worth. The crowd was already super hyped up and fans, especially girls were screaming so loudly (lucky I wore my obligatory tissue-earbuds).

(This is what you get viewing from the back of the floor)

The night just went on from there. Molko’s unique voice (which was what made Placebo unique) was right there. Their set consisted mostly of their newer songs, being Battle For The Sun, Ashtray Heart, The Never-Ending Why and also Special Needs.

They did include crowd favorites such as Special K and the ever so popular Every You Every Me. Other favorites such as The Bitter End, Taste In Men and Special Needs were also played. There was a slight 10 minutes pause before the encore after The Bitter End, and the crowd was going ‘We want more, we want more’.

As mentioned above, the venue was packed like sardines right from the start. It was crazy as heck. Majority of the crowd was really enthusiastic, especially the ones near the front and also in the center. The crowd was encircling the edges of the top floor, with around 3 – 4 rows on each side (more in the center though).

One of the few times Molko went out near the crowd.

The new drummer, Steve Forrest.


Enthusiastic crowd on the top floor.

After ending their set, Placebo along with their sessionists gather around the stage to bow and thank the audience. What a great gesture, rather than just blackening out the stage and rushing off backstage, leaving the fans blank faced.

I felt that they could have included some more older hits such as English Summer Rain, Haemogoblin and also maybe Daddy Cool. Anyhow, fans were no doubt glad their long time favorite band finally came over to Malaysia. Now, let’s hope that more 15 year old bands come over and make their long time fans happy!


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