DID Che Guevara Figure

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Recently got my hands on the DID Che Guevara 12 inch figure. The box is pretty standard, flip open front with the accessories on the flipped side. The main box contains the figure itself, dressed in an army green uniform and behind it, a ‘L’ sized black t-shirt with Che’s face and a star design on the front.

The accessories are interesting, a pipe (not pipe bomb), pen, journal with lines on the pages, a cigar, and the standard army gear (belt, pouches and guns). Clothes wise, there’s a white t-shirt with Che’s face and star design (heck, would be weird if he wears a t-shirt bearing himself on it) and also a PVC-ish brown bomber jacket, which fits snugly over the uniform.

The rifle is made from carved wood and the magazine can be slotted in and out.

Check out the bullet on the top of the magazine.

Also, you can pull back the bolt (to load the bullet) and this will reveal the bullet on the top of the magazine.

The head sculpt is great, but the paint or rather the skin tone on the face makes it looks a little bit plastic-y (the Wolverine head sculpt is insane!). The hair is nicely sculpted though, you can see the lines and it gives the head some volume. The head sculpt here depicts and older (and perhaps stricter looking) Che, as compared to the familiar boy-ish Che on the t-shirts you see everywhere. Looks better with the beret on in my opinion.

The shirt, as with DID style has real working buttons, which will probably be a real pain when trying to put the clothes back on. If you note on the picture above, his chest is slightly bumped up as there is a chest padding inserted below his shirt, I took it out and it looks much better.

The shoes are also nicely detailed, with laces and nice sew lines.

The PVC-feeling bomber jacket. A little bit tight, but wearable none the less.

Posed here with the chair from the DID Obama figure.

Holding the pipe, pen and the journal while wearing the bomber jacket.

Side by side with the Hot Toys MMS X-men Wolverine. (Check out the figure review here: http://www.lifeinkl.com/2009/12/30/hot-toys-mms-wolverine/)

Get this figure if you can! You won’t know when or who will produce the next Che figure. I got this for roughly RM320, much cheaper than them Hot Toys figures!

Check out the gallery for more pictures


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  1. tony - October 1, 2010 / 2:30 am

    want to buy che guevara?


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