Archive for February 17th, 2010


Recently got my hands on the DID Che Guevara 12 inch figure. The box is pretty standard, flip open front with the accessories on the flipped side. The main box contains the figure itself, dressed in an army green uniform and behind it, a ‘L’ sized black t-shirt with Che’s face and a star design on the front.

The accessories are interesting, a pipe (not pipe bomb), pen, journal with lines on the pages, a cigar, and the standard army gear (belt, pouches and guns). Clothes wise, there’s a white t-shirt with Che’s face and star design (heck, would be weird if he wears a t-shirt bearing himself on it) and also a PVC-ish brown bomber jacket, which fits snugly over the uniform.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!