Efek Rumah Kaca Live in KL

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Venue: One Cafe, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 3PM – 11PM
Date: 27th February 2010, Saturday

Oxygen Media, Frinjan and Envelove Distro with the support of My Future Foundation would like to offer you a deal you certainly won’t refuse. Introducing the indie band Efek Rumah Kaca of Jakarta fame, a band renowned for their socio-political or ‘sospol’ approach of addressing social issues, non-partisan politics as well as environmental issues through sweet pop melody and easy to swallow poetic lyrics, thanks to Cholil, the band’s frontman.

Global warming effect is no longer empty talks but it is now a reality presented upon us challenging the very existence of us indeed.

Freedom of varying form suffers similar fate. Political freedom, media and communication freedom as well as music freedom are usually subjected to aggression on the grounds of morality, public order and many more.

On the lighter notes, let’s give our ear a treat of subtle and melodious aural assault and immerse your mind into the depth of the lyrics at your own pace. For you are not required to subscribe to the dogma. But if you do, you’ve certainly contribute something towards a better Earth for everyone.

Not to be missed! Accompanying local acts of Nao, Couple, Deepset, Dum Dum Tak, Nao, Free Love and Bit the Medusa.

Access tickets to ‘Konsert Efek Rumah Kaca’ will be available from 4th January 2010 onwards at selected outlets/agents.

Pre-sale Ticket RM25
Online Purchase RM50 + ERK latest EP of “Kamar Gelap” + freebies (limited)
At Door RM35
Pre-sale purchase, entitles you to grab ERK’s Efek Rumah Kaca and Kamar Gelap at RM25 only. RM5 reduced from original price of RM30.

Where can I get one?
Simple. Just send me an email at oxygenmedia22@gmail.com and follow the instructions carefully.

Or get yourselves passes from the appointed sales agents nationwide

Both events are part of Festival Hak Asasi Manusia 2.0: Muzik Berserta Demokrasi dan Pengembangan Sosial which will be held from 26th – 28th February 2010


Music is never a vice!


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