The Mister Potato Fiesta was held at Mist Club on the 19th of December 2009. It was the final leg of the Mister Potato contest in which contestants took pictures of themselves and uploaded it to the website. After voting, the shortlisted candidates were invited to the party where the final competition was held in order to select the top winners.

Sham, the Mister Potato guy was also there at the event, but the Evil Assistant could not be spotted anywhere!

The guest artist for the night was non other than Hujan! They played a couple of their songs which included Ahmoi Chantek and Aku Scandal. They also performed their own rendition of the Mister Potato theme song of which after they finished it, Sham came up and requested them to play it again. This time though, they played a slower, jazzier version of it, on the spot!

There you go, the first prize winner of the Mister Potato contest! On the right is Pierre Pang, from Mamee Bhd.

There’s a new contest on the Mister Potato website which involves a grand prize of RM88,888!!! Check out http://www.misterpotato.com.my for more information!


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