Rock The World 9 was held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium Carpark on the 26th of December 2009, or also known as Boxing Day. The event was originally supposed to be held at Sunway Lagoon on the 19th of December, but things did not go as planned, hence the venue and date change.

If you might have noticed from the event flyers section, the Radio Rosak Grand Finale was also supposed to be held on the same day, but at Stadium Negara instead. It also faced some nasty hiccups along the way and had to postponed instead. From what I heard, it is scheduled to be held sometime during in March 2010.

Ray Gaban and Haniff of XFM taking control of the Indie Stage

In this part, I will concentrate on some of the bands which performed at the Indie and Chillout stage, the smaller stages at this year’s Rock The World event. The Indie Stage started out earlier in the morning, at around 11am, with Kyoto Protocol taking the honors of being the first band to perform.

You can check out the Main Stage coverage here: http://www.lifeinkl.com/2010/01/14/rock-the-world-9-main-stage/

The afternoon session of Rock The World 9 was badly disrupted by two heavy downpours. The first one was around 1.30pm which lasted for about 45 minutes. The second, heavier one came in at about 3pm, and did not stop until about 6.00pm.

Second Combat was playing in between the two heavy downpours, I had to get back into the tent for shelter when the rain got heavier. Labrats came in after Second Combat.

There was also Skudap-skudip who gave the wet crowd some nice ska-la-la and skanking, also some berdanska at the same time. Dodd managed to throw himself on to the crowd after ending their set, presumably because he was happy that he could watch Republic of Brickfields playing later. He was telling me that he was afraid that his time slot could clash with Republic, due to the delays caused by the rain.

Auburn, hard to catch them performing, but when they do, it’s really unique. Izuan‘s soothing voice, over some distorted music. It’s nice dreamy rock. This time around, it’s Mellina of Tempered Mental playing the bass guitar.

Car Crash Hearts. This is when the rain finally STOPPED!

The cameraman was really rude and obstructing. During The Otherside Orchestra‘s performance, he got so close to the vocalist, Izwin that he clipped the front of his camera with the her microphone. This made her broke her concentration and she just lost her lyrics.

They played a couple of new songs that night but it was good to see them progressing with their unique blend of music. Very high energy, especially through how Izwin sang and rocked around the stage. Towards the end of the last song, she let the cameraman have it and just screamed into the camera. Nice.

Avidity, the winner of the Twisties Bingit competition was a ‘rock-kapak’ band and as expected, they were really good with their showmanship and their metal, rock kapak (no jiwang stuff here) music.

The vocalist even had the trademark ‘Ahhhhhuuuuuwwwwhhhhhhhhh‘ shout in the beginning and middle of the songs. Guitarist and bassist with the trademark long hair too. I was poking my wide angle lens at them when the vocalist realised it and suddenly, all members soon came out rocking on the front monitors, prompting the other photographers to come close as well.

Over at the Chill Out Stage, things were more relaxed. There was Bedroom Sanctuary, who was just Bo actually. He did made the smallish crowd sing along with him with the song Lithium (by Nirvana) and later, Malam Ini, his own composition. Good stuff Bo, a multi-talented musician. Now, when will Seven release their album???

Rashdan Harith and band. Nice badges on the guitar strap. Was trying hard not to over-expose the guitarist’s white t-shirt, while not under-exposing his skin (not to mention the orange-y spotlights)!

Liyana Fizi, her new moniker as she is out of Estrella and is on her own now was the final performer on the Chill Out Stage. She started her set with Ternyata before following with a new song and upon the crowd’s request, ended her set with Stay.

The chill out stage was the first stage to finish its performances, followed by the indie stage later. Couple, who, in my opinion, who could very well be playing on the main stage really gave the Indie Stage a big bang ending. The stage was lower, and the barriers were closer, allowing the crowd to enjoy more of this really talented band.

If you haven’t already know, they already released their 3rd album, Pop Take Masuk Radio, which is a full Bahasa Malaysia album and it is really good. Go get it if you haven’t. It is really easy to digest and the lyrics are so simple, yet meaningful at the same time.

The crowd was really great over at the Indie Stage. Foregoing the bigger bands at the Main Stage to support their favorite bands at the Indie Stage. Also kudos to the emcees, Ray Gaban and Haniff  for entertaining them while the bands were switching between one another.

Couple did perform one of the catchiest yet simple 1 sentence song, Hey Kawan-Kawan. The only line in the song is ‘Hey kawan-kawan, jom kasi pecah‘. It’s that simple, yet the song is effective in delivering the message.

Continue on to the Main Stage here http://www.lifeinkl.com/2010/01/14/rock-the-world-9-main-stage/


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