Tokyo Blue – The Naked Soul

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Tokyo Blue The Naked Soul

Tokyo Blue‘s debut album, titled A Naked Soul is a wonderful release from a local band. It’s a pure instrumental album, with no vocals. Hiro takes the bass guitar, Ywenna plays the keyboards and Josh on the drums.

The album starts out with Spark Of Life, which has a darkish sounding intro before moving into the main solo. The band starts to show off their own blend of jazz in Urban Rats, with piano versus bass duet/solo in the middle of it.

Tokyo Blue The Naked Soul

Before Dawn is one of the more laid back and relaxed songs, really suitable for romantic nights/dinners, hotel lounges or maybe to dance to. Things get mixed up a little bit more in Beautiful Dawn, thanks to the upbeat drumbeat, which will probably make you move your body, or at least nod you head to. Simple Man is more straight up direct jazz , with loads of slapping and popping on it.

On the track Balance, you will get caught off guard as the tempo of the bass line will speed up and slow down, which is an interesting element on the track and shows the band’s versatility. En Tus Manos is a more upbeat track, with a really funky bass intro. One of the happier and fun tracks on this album.

The album sounds very, very clean and professionally produced. Even though there are only 3 instruments, all of the tracks sound very much alive with the different instruments overlapping, especially during the solo parts (there are loads of them!).

Tokyo Blue The Naked Soul

This album really shows that the band is very capable and talented and shall give them the exposure and reputation they deserve. Already playing at many venues around the country, I hope they get to perform internationally, and can’t wait to see how they improve in the future.

The packaging is unique. The CD comes enclosed in a folded translucent plastic material.

For more information about the band, visit their MySpace page


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