Hujan – Mencari Konklusi Review

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Hujan Mencari Konklusi

Hujan‘s second album, Mencari Konklusi can be considered as a ‘real’ album, considering their first album was actually a compilation of both their earlier singles plus a few additional songs. Do note the new band logo as well.

Hujan has really came a long way since their first green colored single which featured their signature hit songs such as Pagi Yang Gelap, Kuala Lumpur and Ahmoi Chantek which are now on their ‘must-play’ songs on their live sets.

Hujan Mencari Konklusi

Fast forward 2 years, when they won the award for ‘Lagu Rock Terbaik‘ at the Anugerah Industri Musik ke-16. Mencari Konklusi was released in September 2009 and is more of a mini album, rather than a ‘full length LP’. It only has 7 songs, which are

1. 2nd Airwave
2. Benci
3. Kau Harus Ada
4. Mencari Konklusi
5. Obsesi
6. Romantik
7. Sangkar Besi Di Hatiku

The album starts out pretty much as you expect a Hujan record to sound like, fast riffs with catchy hooks. 2nd Airwave is a well written song and has all the qualities of a Hujan song, not as fast or edgy as Dugaanmu, but it stands out on its own really. Benci, as opposed to it’s titled, is more of a relaxed song, with a ‘shake your butt’ bass line.

Hujan Mencari Konklusi

If you have been following Hujan in their gigs, you definitely have heard of Mencari Konklusi, which is one of the faster songs in this album, which will definitely rock the dance floor. It also has one of the catchiest chorus, which comes after a slight pause which then goes into ‘Cuba, tenang sekita. Cuba pejam mata, Biar resah hilang saja… ‘ which ends at ‘… kan ku cari konklusi‘. Oh yeah, it also has the trademark AG guitar solo.

Obsesi, also played quite frequently before the album was released has really interesting lyrics. The music sounds somewhat mashed up, with unneeded bouncy riffs in the bridge, but otherwise, it is a nice song with meaningful lyrics about teenagers heading into the city to listen to their favorite band. The solo in this song is quite blistering, albeit quite short.

Biar susah dahulu, memang begitu kau tahu‘. Perhaps it sums up how Hujan came to their atmospheric rise in the local music scene, as stated in the song Romantik. The thing that bugs me in this song is that the main riff kinda sound like the main riff from Dugaannya. Do leave a comment if any of you guys agree with me. ‘Tidak perlu ditunggu, biar sampai dahulu‘.

Hujan Mencari Konklusi

The last track on the album, Sangkar Besi Di Hatiku, leaves you wanting for more. Just when the music starts to put you into the mood, the album finishes. Heck! Good idea to have the first album on hand, so that you can continue on with it, as this album weighs in at a total of 24 minutes of playtime.

Overall, this album is not to say a disappointment, but rather a teaser. Just when it warms up and puts you into second gear, it ends. Argh. I would say 2nd Airwave and Mencari Konklusi are the highlight tracks in this, well, mini album. Benci and Obsesi are good as well.

If you are a Hujan fan, you would have gotten this already. If you haven’t gotten their first album (titled ABCDEFGHUJANOPQRSTUVWXYZ, check out our review here, then perhaps it’s better to get that first as it contains all the hits that made Hujan what they are today. Or just get them both while you are at the shop.

This album is produced by Mr Noh Hujan himself and distributed by FMC Music and retails at RM25.90. Get it at your nearest Rock Corner. Or visit their MySpace for more information.


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