DigiMusic Live feat. AAR

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The All-American Rejects

DigiMusic Live was postponed due to Tyson (the vocalist) having an accident but The All-American Rejects did come back to perform after Tyson recovered and they were well rewarded for it.

The event was supposed to be held at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama but the postponement caused the event to be relocated to the car park of the Bukit Jalil stadium instead. Both venues were good locations for this event but I reckon the Bukit Jalil had the upper hand of being just next to the LRT station (which had extended its operating hours to 12:30am that night).

DigiMusic Live

Approximately 10,000 fans packed the venue that night, some coming even as early as 12 in the afternoon to book the front row location. There was a long snaking line from the entrance of the fenced up crowd area at about 6pm. If you were hungry, you could get some food from the stalls outside, or even inside, as there was a Pizza Hut stall inside.


Disagree kick-started the event with their latest single, Osaka accompanied by a gamelan (I think) ensemble. It was a pleasure to see them performing live again, and with their new line-up, they sounded really good. They did mix up their set with songs from their debut album as well as songs from their latest album, To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You (short review here).



Suicide Note was great which was followed by a slower, Haley. It looks like the AAR fans have been paying some attention to our local boys as they did recognize Disagree’s most popular song Crumbs, which they sang along to. Disagree ended their really tight set with Scarecrow Adams, which was then accompanied by a marching band.

The Emcee Natalie

DJ Uno - Pop Shuvit

After a short question & answer game by the emcees, Pop Shuvit came up next, pumping the crowd even more with their latest single Oh Shizuka along with their previous hits like Mara Bahaya and Old Skool Rocker. If you closed your eyes and tweaked your ears a little bit, you would’ve thought that you were listening to the radio, blasted through the loudspeakers. DJ Uno had a new instrument this time, a ‘keytar‘ (yes it exists, go read about it at, which he gladly strapped around his neck while roaming around the stage.

Pop Shuvit

There was a slight drizzle while Pop Shuvit was playing but the drizzle was not heavy enough to prompt the audience to leave their treasure spots. True enough, to everyone’s delight the rain stopped after 15 minutes.

Moots - Pop Shuvit

One Buck Short was the last band before AAR’s appearance and the crowd was behaving good this time as they did not boo or shouted ‘AAR, AAR’ during the opening acts.

Sam with OBS

Sam of Bunkface was on stage playing the guitars and when the vocals kicked in, it was Sam who was singing. It was only after the first song that they explained that Mookie was having some complications and could not show up that night, resulting in OBS looking for replacement vocalists.

Syarul of LMB with OBS

The next Mookie replacement was non other than Syarul from Love Me Butch. Donning the same jacket-style attire that he usually does, he ripped up the song, Wait For It (Revolution) nicely. The next Mookie was indeed a real surprise, in the form of a female. Liyana Fizi took up the responsibility of singing Khayalan Masa, while playing her acoustic guitar. Eddie of Gerhana Ska Cinta performed a very nice rendition of Kelibat Korupsi.

Liyana Fizi playing with OBS

As mentioned earlier, the crowd was swelling to an excess of 10,000 people, here’s how it looked like.

The Crowd


There was a slight wait (about 30 minutes) before AAR came on stage. The emcees did organising a dancing game on stage to reduce the waiting fatigue. Anything that happened on stage, whether it was the smoke machines, a sound technician, or a cameraman, the crowd let off a loud cheer, but when Tyson Ritter showed up on stage, the fans were screaming (yes, really screaming till my ears hurt). Besides the make up and glitter, Tyson was donning a Red Indian headgear, in the spirit of Halloween.

Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects

As with their previous set during MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia, they mixed up their set with their hit singles from all of their albums, but with twice as many songs as compared to the MTV set. Among the songs they played were Dirty Little Secret, Swing Swing, My Paper Heart, The Wind Blows, Real World, and of course It Ends Tonight. You could really see that the band was happy as they were smiling gleefully due to the overwhelming reaction from the crowd as they were starting each song.

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects

While Nick was playing the acoustic guitar during the song Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down), Tyson came down from the stage to reach out to fans who were going hysteric. In between songs and alternating between playing his bass guitar, Tyson also performed his sexy dances and poses, which also included emotionally breaking down onto the stage floor (well, he did break down about 3 times, which was quite repetitive). Great showmanship indeed.

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects

They ended the night with an encore, playing the song Gives You Hell before leaving the stage for some meet and great session with some lucky fans. It was a good thing that this concert really pull through, as the fans were rewarded with a stunning performance by AAR and also letting the band know how crazy their Malaysian fans are.

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects

Judging from the feedback from The All-American Rejects, they are definitely going to come back to Kuala Lumpur in the future. In the meantime, watch out for the next DigiMusic Live event! Stay tuned!

Check out more photos in the gallery, or more photos of All American Rejects here:


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