Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

Akon‘s concert was supposed to be held earlier this year but got postponed to the 26th of October 2009. Well, the day arrived and Akon came and delivered. The venue? Sunway Lagoon surf pool, which was completely drained out of course. Marctensia, was of course the organiser, who previously did a great job of bringing in Jason Mraz . They were also the ones organizing the Beyonce concert which was scheduled to happen the day after Akon’s one, but sadly, it was cancelled due to, well, reasons that we all well know off.

It rained quite heavily during the afternoon but the rain stopped at about 6.30pm, allowing fans to queue up and enter the venue, passing through the mandatory security checks. The front of the pitt zone (which was the front of the stage) was already fully packed by the time I went in, which was about 8pm. There was also the VIP/Chivas zone with huts and behind that, was the beach zone. All of a sudden, it started to drizzle but this did not hamper the fans from coming in. Those who already in stood by their places, awaiting the concert to start.

Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

So, at 8.45pm, Malaysian diva, Nikki came on stage with her dancers and opened the concert. Her voice was really powerful and her dance moves were sexy but well, it didn’t really fix the mood or theme for the night and the concert goers were still quite stiff.

Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

The responsibility to hype up the crowd was then passed on to Caprice, a talented up and rising rapper. He did not waste any time and started to rock the stage with his entourage of dancers. The crowd was slowly warming up to his music and by the time Thinking Of You came on, the crowd cheered to the arrival of the female dancers, together with Annatasha, whom by the way, has a superb voice as well. And by the end of his third song, the crowd could not wait any longer for Akon.

It is really a great achievement and milestone for Caprice to be able to open for Akon and to commemorate this special day, Caprice brought along a video camera to record the crowd and himself on stage. Watch out YouTube!

Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

To my surprise, Akon came on stage just 5 minutes after Caprice left. The energy that Akon had on stage was crazy. Just on the first song, Cross That Line, everyone was pumping their hands up and down (with Akon leading the way) along with the music. It was also a flood of small square displays in the pitt area as nearly everyone was holding up their cameras and phones to record Akon.

Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

Akon didn’t need much antics, stage lighting, backdrops, or dancers to elevate his music. He WAS the music. The energy that he carried was over the top. Dressed in just a simple black t-shirt and and armed with a microphone, he sang with his trademark squeaky/whiny (well, lack of a better word) voice and kept the energy level high, consistently which each coming song. He warmed the crowd up with tracks like Shake Down, We Takin’ Over, Still Will Kill and Soul Survivor.

The near 15,000 strong crowd was with him all the while, either with their hands up in the air, singing along, or just screaming and cheering. He slowed the set down a bit near the middle of the concert with the song Ghetto and started interacting with the crowd. The crowd was totally blown away when he continued with Don’t Matter, the first of his more popular songs for the night.

Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

It then went non-stop from there, song after song, it looked like the crowd was tireless and Akon was in full form. Dangerous, moved the crowd’s energy up one more notch and he continued it with I Wanna Love You, another radio favorite. Of course, he left the phrase ‘I wanna *love* you’ to the crowd, who gladly sang it, yes, all of the phrases in that song was left to the crowd.

Bartender was next (which is, well T-Pain’s song, featuring Akon) and he followed up with, Smack That. If you were there, your body would naturally move together with everyone.

Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

A few songs down the line, Beautiful came on and dang, this was the peak of the night. He was moving around the stage, from left to right, grabbing the hand’s of fans and fans grabbing him back without wanting to let go. He let the crowd get even more by jump right onto them not only once, but around 3 times, at different parts of the stage. By the time he managed to get back on stage, he was already shirtless, exposing his ribbed and muscular body, making him look more hyped up, more than 1 hour into the concert. There was also a slight misunderstanding with the security, with Akon insisting to let him go toward the crowd.

He played a few more songs including Right Now, Sexy Bitch and even a little bit of Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani’s) and also a little bit of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance, just to get the crowd hyped up a little bit more. After a few more songs, including a reggae song to thank his fellow Africans for supporting him, the night was officially over.

It was an absolutely brilliant event with no delays, good job Marctensia. It is just sad that Beyonce couldn’t perform on the next day. Now, time to show Singapore how ferocious the Malaysian crowd is (well according to Akon anyways)!


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