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Akon Freedom Beach Concert 2009

Akon‘s concert was supposed to be held earlier this year but got postponed to the 26th of October 2009. Well, the day arrived and Akon came and delivered. The venue? Sunway Lagoon surf pool, which was completely drained out of course. Marctensia, was of course the organiser, who previously did a great job of bringing in Jason Mraz . They were also the ones organizing the Beyonce concert which was scheduled to happen the day after Akon’s one, but sadly, it was cancelled due to, well, reasons that we all well know off.

It rained quite heavily during the afternoon but the rain stopped at about 6.30pm, allowing fans to queue up and enter the venue, passing through the mandatory security checks. The front of the pitt zone (which was the front of the stage) was already fully packed by the time I went in, which was about 8pm. There was also the VIP/Chivas zone with huts and behind that, was the beach zone. All of a sudden, it started to drizzle but this did not hamper the fans from coming in. Those who already in stood by their places, awaiting the concert to start.

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