Tokyo Blue Album Launch

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Tokyo Blue launched its debut album titled ‘The Naked Soul’ at Groove Junction on the 8th of October 2009. The venue was nice and cozy for their new school jazz-styled music (or rather, contemporary jazz? or indie-jazz, or jazz rock?). Tokyo Blue is purely an instrumental band, made up of 3 really talented musicians, namely Hiroaki Maekawa on the bass, Ywenna Carollin on the piano and Joshua Maran on the drums. Individually, they really excel in the instruments they play, and put together, heck, it’s like 3 solo musicians trying to outwit each other in a competition.


They kicked off the night with the first song from the album, Spark Of Life. More songs from the album were played including Beautiful War, Balance and The Naked Soul. The jazz they played wasn’t the relaxed jazz with a lounge feeling, it was more of an upbeat jazz that won’t make you sleepy. There was a short break after that in which people could purchase their albums, retailing at RM29.90 each and comes with a free A3-sized poster.


Well, if the audience weren’t convinced enough, the second set should give them more idea of what the band really sounds like. More people were in the venue during the second set, including Hiro’s family and friends. The second set was just as solid as the first, with groovy bass lines, melodic pianos and of course the beats from Josh.


There were more emphasis on short solo sets by each of the band members, but the more outstanding one was the bass, played by Hiro. Maybe because he was the one standing in the center and moving around, but nevertheless the other members were as good as well. Among the songs they played in the second set were Urban Rats, Kokoro, Before Dawn, and also Simple Man, which Hiro said was dedicated to his dad.



It was only after the second set that people really started to purchase the albums, getting the chance to get it signed by the band members as well.


The band name Tokyo Blue, actually came from an album titled Tokyo Blue, which Hiro saw and thoughtfully adapted it as the band name, considering that he came from Tokyo (that’s what he said, but he’s now residing in Ampang). The album title, The Naked Soul on the other hand, really meant that the album was more of a collection of raw emotions, straight from the soul. To preserve the ‘rawness’ and ‘nakedness’, the album was recorded live in the studio, no electronic beats or programming added.

I will try to write a short review of the album soon, so stay tuned.


You can join their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/TOKYO-BLUE/177297236756?v=wall. Check it out for more information on the band, gig dates and booking information.

You can catch Tokyo Blue on the following dates:

24 Oct 09 Traxx fm live interview@ 9.30am
29 Oct 09 NOBLACKTIE Penang Jazz Fest press conference
29 Oct 09 Laundry bar
30 Oct 09 Alexis Ampang
31 Oct 09 Alexis Ampang
4 Nov 09 Backyard Pub
20 Nov 09 Laundry bar “THE GREEN DAY”event
4-6Dec09 Penang Island Jazz Festival



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