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Seven. Meaning a band with 7 band members?


No, they don’t consist of 7 members with several brass instruments. They are 5 piece band with just 1 brass instrument, the saxophone which is played by Imran. Joshua Maran handles the drums, Arrmand has his hands on the guitars, Timothy sessions on the bass and the flamboyant afro-haired Bo (Bo Amir Iqram) takes on lead vocals and guitars. Imran actually joined the band later, after being invited to join after the band witnessed him performing on the keyboards in a heavy metal band.


Despite being less than 7 band members, they all look drastically different from one another, Bo with a nice afro and Joshua with super thick dreadlocks. They are also diversified in terms of racial background with some members being from mixed heritage.


Seven is in fact 7 years old this year, being incorporated 7 years ago in 2002 where all of them were just secondary students. They started experimenting and exploring with 7th chords, picking up new scales and evolving their music along the way. It has been quite a long way from 2002 till 2009 but they stuck together, writing a lot of songs along the way while having tons of fun together.

What they did gain in the 7 years were lots of musical experience, free drinks, and loads of material of which they will be refined and recorded as an album which will be out later at the end of the year, aptly titled ‘Weekend Amnesia‘.



As Bo mentions, Seven’s music can be simply categorized as ‘sax-rock‘. Their music is mostly ‘indie-rock‘ (well, according to them anyways) with some jazz and funk throw into the mix. It’s the type of music to listen to when you want to have fun, while drinking, or when you want to get high, or even while having some fun in the bed. Their lyrics have loads of humour in them and are mostly based on their life experiences as they make their way from high school students, to university and to the real world, the working life.


Not all the members are actually working, with Joshua (who also is playing for a jazz-band, Tokyo Blue, who recently just launched their debut album, The Naked Soul) going to Berkeley to extend his musical studies and Arrmand still studying Mass Communications. Bo on the other hand has been really active in the music scene with his other monikers such as BoBo, Mr. Fluff, Cosmic Space Munkys and recently, a collaboration with Reshmonu. Bo’s main priority will still be the band as his band members will give him a real tough time if he chooses to deprioritize them. With the band members actively gaining knowledge and experience in the musical realm, their musical prowess will no doubt improve in the coming years.


Seven has played a lot of gigs locally and also some in Singapore, the most notable one being the Mosaic Music Festival where Joshua was late to arrive as he was having the Berkeley auditions in KL on the same day. He had to rush to Singapore after the auditions only to arrive while the other half of Seven were already performing on stage without him. Luckily, he managed to get on stage after that, thanks to the stage manager. Seven is also a regular at Laundry Bar events such as the Fly FM Campur Chart, Obscuradio and Stereopath.


They are a fun to watch live, thanks the charismatic Bo who easily manages the crowd and throws a one-liner here and there. What they aim for is to captivate the interests and minds of listeners of all ages, ranging from students, working professionals, to retirees. Currently, most of their songs are written in English, with one or two in Bahasa Malaysia.


Coming back to the album, which will be titled Weekend Amnesia as I have mentioned above, all band members have put in their creative work and efforts into it. In other words, all band members contributes something to each song. The album will contain around 14 songs and there definitely won’t be any filler material as they have carefully picked their songs from their current material. What you can expect to find is some weird noises and junk phrases littered around some tracks. Not to mention some subliminal messages (try playing some songs backwards?).

In the meantime, you can catch their latest single, Out For Love on YouTube and also on local radio stations (more notably on XFM and FlyFM). You might have heard them before, as their previous songs such as Till I Die and also Imagination which has also been aired locally some time back.


So, if you want to have a real fun time, do attend their gigs and attend the album launch (and buy the album as well)!

Check out their MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/sevenlah and Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Seven/143212792755 and also Twitter at http://twitter.com/sevenlah


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  1. Sookie - October 16, 2009 / 4:23 pm

    er, were you the one who were taking their shots outside my house? i definitely recognised the 2nd pic and so happened to see the photoshoot when i returned home from work one day.

  2. kenchill - October 17, 2009 / 12:55 am

    Hmm, wasn’t me. I only took their live shots.


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