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Seven – lah!

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Seven. Meaning a band with 7 band members?


No, they don’t consist of 7 members with several brass instruments. They are 5 piece band with just 1 brass instrument, the saxophone which is played by Imran. Joshua Maran handles the drums, Arrmand has his hands on the guitars, Timothy sessions on the bass and the flamboyant afro-haired Bo (Bo Amir Iqram) takes on lead vocals and guitars. Imran actually joined the band later, after being invited to join after the band witnessed him performing on the keyboards in a heavy metal band.


Despite being less than 7 band members, they all look drastically different from one another, Bo with a nice afro and Joshua with super thick dreadlocks. They are also diversified in terms of racial background with some members being from mixed heritage.


Seven is in fact 7 years old this year, being incorporated 7 years ago in 2002 where all of them were just secondary students. They started experimenting and exploring with 7th chords, picking up new scales and evolving their music along the way. It has been quite a long way from 2002 till 2009 but they stuck together, writing a lot of songs along the way while having tons of fun together.

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