Disagree - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You

To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You is Disagree‘s second album. Their first being At The End Of The Day, released way back in the year 2004.

Remember the song Crumbs? Well, that was the song that kinda made the band famous but my favorite song from that album was in fact Angels’s Orchestra, a 7 minute powerhouse with double pedals kicking it off at the ending (still playing it occasionally up to today).

Disagree - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You

Disagree - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You

Anyway, after some reshuffling and spending some time in the studio recording new material, the boys are out with, as mentioned above, their second album To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You. It was released a few months ago, more specifically, June 30th, at Hard Rock Cafe, KL.

Disagree - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You

I’m afraid to say that the long and dreamy solos from the first album are missing in this album. The mixing and sound quality does sound much better in this album. Zahid doesn’t try to emulate that Eddie Vedder tone as opposed to the first album.

The songs sound a bit more mellow this time around, but there are quicker paced songs such as Osaka, which is the first single from the album. Speaking about Osaka, it stands out as one of the more interesting songs in the album with some synthesized effects thrown around the song. The bummer? It is in fact the shortest track in the album, clocking in at 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Disagree - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You

Haley, is one the slower songs and it does sound like a lover wanting his other half back, but no, it’s actually about Zahid’s daughter. Not too sure if her name is Haley as well.

I kinda like Immune as it does have some old Disagree qualities in it, together with a solo and a heavier guitar distortions.

The Wreck (track 10) caught me off guard as it sounded like a Deftones song. It definitely has some Deftones (can’t recall which, but I suspect from the Around The Fur album) characteristics such as the distorted riffs during the intro and the slightly haunting vocals.

The last track of the album, Cold Day December is one the most relaxed songs in the album accompanied with a saxophone playing in the background.

It seems that all the lyrics in the album has this drawn back, emotional mood to it. Overall, the pace of this album is more relaxed compared to the first album, but the downfall is that a few of the songs sound very similar to one another in terms of pace (not to mention the same lyrical mood) and vocal composition. Perhaps the guys have matured in terms of age and family responsibilities hence the more reflective lyrics and music tone.

Disagree - To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You

The album comes in two different packaging styles, one in a normal jewel case pack which retails at the standard retail price (RM25 – RM28) and another, a special edition release (as pictured throughout this article) with the band’s signatures in it and artwork for each song inside the book. The special edition is retails at round RM55 (give or take a few Ringgit).

If you have the first album, you can definitely live without this one. If you are new to Disagree, then you have two choices. A more edgy and faster paced feel and interesting solos with their first album, At The End Of The Day or a more subtle and moodier tone with this one.

To Prevent The Earth From Moving With You is produced by Fat Boys Records. For more information about the band, head to


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