Baybeats 2009 (Singapore)

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Baybeats 2009 was held at the Esplanade at Singapore over the Merdeka weekend (August 28th – 30th). I managed to get down there to check it out, all 3 days of it.

Crowdsurfing credit Weilong (Large)

(Image credit to Weilong)

Well, the first thing I was glad about is that the Singaporean crowd was awesome. Bands after bands, they were supporting them and mosh pits were always there in the Powerhouse stage. For the first night, I managed to arrive just as Estranged started playing and there were a lot of people singing to Estranged songs. To top it all off, Rich started Aurora with an acoustic guitar before the rest of the guys joined in with full force.

estranged credit Ivan Neo (Large)

(Image credit to Ivan Neo)

The timing for the stages was quite good as they allowed 30 minutes for each band to setup after the previous band performed. This of course, overlapped with the other stages and people could go to another stage to catch another performer while waiting for their favorite act to setup.

Great Spy Experiment_Credit Bryan Soon

(Image credit to Bryan Soon)

The last band for the first night was The Great Spy Experiment, of which released their debut album back in the year 2007, titled Flower Show Riots (of which I had to trek down to Singapore to source a copy). Being a local band, they had great support from the crowd (heck, that includes me). It was my first time seeing them play live and they did not disappoint. They managed to replicate the sounds and layers from the album right on stage, and the crowd happily enjoyed everything down below the stage. Speaking about the crowd area, it was totally weird. It was a loose small stoned/gravel, sandy area where after moshing, you would get all the dust and sand on top of your shoe with all the small stones inside of your shoes.

greatspy 2_Credit Ivan Neo

(Image credit to Ivan Neo)

Back to the band, they did also play a new song, titled Crystal if I’m not mistaken. Other songs they played included Flower Show Riots, The Great Decay, and Late Night Request.

The Great Spy 2_credit Bryan Soon

(Image credit to Bryan Soon)

Love me Butch_Credit Rueven Tan (Large)

(Image credit to Reuven Tan)

Highlights from Day Two included our very own Love Me Butch who managed to sneak in 2 new songs at the beginning of their set before going into older songs, to the joy of the crowd who moshed to every song they played. The moshing was intense with 2 or 3 crowd surfers going at the same time, sometimes even smashing right into each other before going down onto some poor unsuspecting soul. One thing which dragged the performance down was the sound system, which was tuned down due to complaints from neighbouring hotels.

Love Me Butch credit Rueven Tan (Large)

(Image credit to Reuven Tan)

There was also Opposition Party who played a slew of death metal to the already hyped out crowd. The vocalist though, had a weird hairstyle which didn’t really match the band. Heh.

OP 2 credit Weilong

(Image credit to Weilong)

Day Three was an interesting one. It was raining in the morning till the evenings and the rain eventually stopped for Anberlin’s acoustic set at a fully packed Arena stage. Since the Arena was fully packed, some of the crowd went indoors to check out Nigel Hogan‘s acoustic set.

Nigel Hogan credit Ivan Neo (Large)

(Image credit to Ivan Neo)

[more pictures from Day Three coming soon]

Silent Scenery was also playing at the Arena stage and they delivered a nice set with Ling helping out at the keyboards. They played most songs from the EP, When We Escape From The Moonlight which included From Here To Eternity and Closing Chapter of a Sappy Story.

My personal favorite for the night will be Zero Sequence who delivered a thunderous performance. Their style of music is akin to that of Dream Theater, but with 2 keyboardists instead. The guitarist was also a insane shredder, and luckily that night, the sound systems were tuned back up and it sounded really good. Both of the keyboardist positioned their keyboards slanting forwards, which meant that the crowd could see the keys on the keyboards. Interesting.

The Ambassadors from Phillipines provided some pop-punk to the crowd with songs such as Save The Earth and At The Hospital.

The final act for the whole event was of course none other than Anberlin, who of course managed to fully pack the whole Powerhouse that night.


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