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Baybeats 2009 was held at the Esplanade at Singapore over the Merdeka weekend (August 28th – 30th). I managed to get down there to check it out, all 3 days of it.

Crowdsurfing credit Weilong (Large)

(Image credit to Weilong)

Well, the first thing I was glad about is that the Singaporean crowd was awesome. Bands after bands, they were supporting them and mosh pits were always there in the Powerhouse stage. For the first night, I managed to arrive just as Estranged started playing and there were a lot of people singing to Estranged songs. To top it all off, Rich started Aurora with an acoustic guitar before the rest of the guys joined in with full force.

estranged credit Ivan Neo (Large)

(Image credit to Ivan Neo)

The timing for the stages was quite good as they allowed 30 minutes for each band to setup after the previous band performed. This of course, overlapped with the other stages and people could go to another stage to catch another performer while waiting for their favorite act to setup.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!