MTV World Stage Malaysia

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MTV World Stage Malaysia was held in the Sunway Lagoon surf p0ol on the 15th of August 2009. I was there before the event started and the lines for the mosh pit started as early as 3pm and by 4pm the lines were extending all the way to the Sunway Pyramid entrance.




The lines for the Red Zone at the Sunway Lagoon entrance was also insanely long (as mentioned to me by the security personnel there), but I wasn’t there to take photographs of the queues.




Sunway Lagoon drained out the entire surf pool for this event, as around 15,000 people were expected to turn up for it. (Eason Chan’s concert was held at the same venue on the next day though, so it’s like they are killing 2 birds with 1 stone for draining out the surf pool)


The empty surf pool

The show started at 6pm sharp and I was amazed at the punctuality. However, this was just the tip of an iceberg. MTV VJs from Singapore, South Korea, Philippines and China were all on stage to welcome the audience and kick start the show.



Our very own Estranged was the first band to come on stage. Being the first band and playing so early, many fans and friends of Estranged missed their performance as most people only started to come in at around 7.30pm. Nevertheless, they managed to put on a great show and the crowd were already jumping to their songs.


Some band members donned costumes and make up, the most outstanding one being Din, who had one side of his body covered in tribal markings. Interesting. All in all, they played 4 songs, being Slave In Us, Yang Pernah, Ketika Ini, of which was made into a music video recently (check it out here: and In No Time.


The VJs came out for some questions while the stage was being setup for the next band, Boys Like Girls. After about 20 minutes of waiting, Boys Like Girls were set to go and started off with their famous song, Love Drunk. They ended their set with The Great Escape, which was the most popular amongst their Malaysian fans.

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls

Raygun was next up after Boys Like Girls. Not many people in Malaysia has ever heard or know of Raygun (and they haven’t released an album yet) but the crowd still rocked out to Raygun’s performance.


One of the songs they played was their hit single, Just Because which got the crowd really moving. The vocalist even managed to climb up the scaffolding on the left side of the stage, but he did not jump on to the crowd though.


At this point, more people were coming into the red zone and VJ Denise had to ask the crowd to fill up the empty space to provide more room for the incoming bodies.

Pixie Lott, the 18 year old pop sensation from the UK was up next. She was wearing this cute costume which made her look like a pixie, the one in Peter Pan. Of course, she currently did not have any rock oriented songs so she did her pop offerings instead.


I suspected she was miming (or lip synching, whichever you want to call it) as her vocals were too perfect and there wasn’t any breathing or volume differences that I could here. It was like a recording, well just what I think, I could be wrong. Among the songs the sang was Turn It Up, Boys and Girls, and her number 1 hit, Mama Do.

The VJs came on stage again for more questions and freebie throwing while the stage was being setup.  As the event was sponsored by Sunway Lagoon, Celcom and Hong Leong Bank, they had to ask questions related to the sponsoring companies, but the questions weren’t hard, just for publicity sake.


This time, the wait was about 30 minutes and a DJ was pulled out to break the quietness. This didn’t really helped much as the waiting really messed up concerts flow, breaking up the rhythm and losing the crowd’s hype and energy. As you might have known, I’m really dislike long waits and delays during concerts. The local gig and concert organisers have really cleaned up and tightened their act this year, and the MTV World Stage really let me down.


Finally it was Hoobastank‘s turn to perform and the crowd was cheering like mad. Yeah, the venue was packed and there was about 15,000 people in the surf pool as expected by the organisers. They even played one of their oldest single, Crawling In The Dark. They managed to slot in a short cover of the Ghostbusters opening song before going into their last song, The Reason, which sparked the loudest sing along for the night.


All American Rejects were also one of the crowd favorite acts for tonight, and they played their new hit, Dirty Little Secret before moving onto old numbers such as I Wanna, The Real World and Gives You Hell.



When All American Rejects ended their set and got off stage, they were not the only ones leaving. Quite a portion of the audience were leaving too, like 30% I shall say.

This proved to be bad for the live recording of the show and this prompted the organisers to open up the mosh pit area, allowing anyone to go in. This was because the mosh pit was located right in front of the middle camera and so, the people in the mosh pit were visible from that camera. Not too good if the mosh pit was half full eh, would make the show look ‘not-so-happening’.

And final wait before Kasabian came up on stage with the vocalist looking smart and clean. Kasabian nearly did not make it due to suspected H1N1. They were quarantined in Australia before coming to Malaysia, and of course, they wasn’t infected by the H1N1 virus.


By this time, I made my way into the mosh pit zone to discover that it was almost quite empty. The famous journalist, Kee Hua Chee was also there in the mosh pit enjoying himself! Not sure if he was there when it was packed full with sweaty bodies though.


Kasabian played their old hit, Club Foot before playing their newer singles, Fire and also Vlad The Impaler.


Right after Kasabian finished, the volcano behind the surf pool erupted and the thousands of people slowly inched their way out of the venue. All in all, if it wasn’t for the long and tedious waits, this event would have be quite a pleasant one, but in the end, it was kinda tiring for me.


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