Who Is Bottlesmoker?

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We play toy instruments and record our music in our bedroom“. Who are they? Well, they are Bandung‘s answer to electropop/eletronic music, a duo which call themselves Bottlesmoker. Bottlesmoker consists of Angkuy and Nobie, both final year journalist students.


They play and tinker with toy instruments such as effects controllers, keyboards and pianicas, opening them up and modifying them before hooking up to their laptops or mixers. They sometimes purchase their toy instruments from second hand shops and sometimes people give them the instruments (and they will fix it). On their laptops, they use Reason 4 for all their arranging, sequencing, composing and recording needs.


Checkout their interesting video for the song Slow Mo Smile (this might give you a taste of how good they sound).

The band started back in 2005 where they played their music in their a closed environment, be it their bedroom or  a friend’s party. In 2006, they got picked up by NeoVinyl records, a European label. NeoVinyl handled the online distribution of their first album, Before Circus Over where it was available to be downloaded for free. (Link:

Bottlesmoker - Before Circus Over

It was not long before US based label Probably Worse records signed them and distributed their second album, titled Slow Mo Smile stateside (well, for free also, get it here

Bottlesmoker - Slow Mo Smile

This year, they have a new release out which features 2 songs, Walls and Messenger Day, released by Disconinjaz. Grab it here:


Free? Why free you might ask. Well, Bottlesmoker believes in a free concept, where sharing is caring and people should be able to listen to good music without paying. If the music is really good, people will purchase your merchandise and attend your shows and this is how Bottlesmoker supports themselves financially. Through this concept, the appreciation goes both ways, from the listener to the band and from the band to the listener.


It was only in 2007 where Bottlesmoker started to play for larger events such as gigs and music festivals. According to Kuy, one of their most memorable concerts was one at Malang (a city in Indonesia) where they play to a crowd of rockers who headbanged and moshed to their electropop music.

Besides Malang, they have been playing all over Indonesia in towns such as Jakarta, Yogjakarta, and also Bandung, where they frequent the eletronic showcase event called The Ostend.


The local music scene is really strong in their home base of Bandung and the electropop scene is no different. They have a community called Openlabs and through this community, fans, hobbyists and musicians alike share their information, experience and music.

I came to know of Bottlesmoker after meeting Hujan‘s Indonesian Promotions Manager, Yulius Iskandar at an event here in KL. Yulius, the band manager for Bottlesmoker, is one heck of a friendly guy. He looks so innocent and simple that you will easily pass him off as college kid.


It was in May when I met Yulius when he introduced me to Bottlesmoker and told me that they were planning a Malaysia tour some time this year and well, it became a reality with their Hello, We are Bottlesmoker Malaysia Tour 2009.


So, what’s in for them in the near future? They plan to come to Malaysia again in October where they are also planning to hit Singapore during the same period. And in January, they might head to Germany for an electronic music festival. Not to forget, they have only one more semester before completing their studies, so they are hoping not to screw that up big time.


Last but not least, visit their MySpace page at and also their Facebook group at


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  1. botfvck - August 21, 2009 / 11:01 pm

    i love this band very much, i came from bandung too. support . . .

    hello, we are bottlesmoker . .

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