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The KL stop for the Search Di Awan Biru tour was held at the Mon’t Kiara Equestrian Park on the 1st August 2009. Anti-ISA gathering/protests/march was also held at the same day at Kuala Lumpur (together with roadblocks at all major roads entering the city). The Search tour was sponsored by Celcom. Well, if you have noticed, Celcom has been sponsoring/organising a lot of music related events lately, from Indonesian band concerts, to local music gigs like the UOX Play series of gigs. Keep it up!


Massive jams started from 1pm at all roads and highways entering the city. You had to be stuck along with the rest even if you just wanted to turn out and an exit not entering the city. A lot of people who wanted to go to the Search concert got stuck at the jams at one road or another.


Kudos to those who made it there (parking was another issue which I shall highlight later towards the end of this article). There was already a large crowd at the entrance of the venue at 3pm. The event started at approximately 4pm with Pesawat (there was a slight adjustment to the band scheduling) gracing the stage first.

The park

Zip Zieller

Zip Zieller

Zip Zieller was second to play, and delivered some vicious rock and roll with songs such as Kontrak, Parlimen and Nothing To Lose. The rock and roll continued with Revenge with the support of fellow Revengers in the crowd.  As a huge fan of Search since the early days and Ayid (frontman of Revenge) has been through a really long journey from being a fan of Search and watching them perform to now, where they finally became an opening band for Search. What a dream come true.

Afternoon crowd

Ayid - Revenge

Apple - Revenge

Well, Revenge is really picking up now and they are garnering a huge fan base now, opening up the scene again for rock and roll music in Malaysia. They played their famous songs including Legends of Rock ‘n Roll, REVENGE and also a cover of a Search song. Revenge is ready to strike again and be sure to watch out for them later this year (you bet I will).



After that, there was a break for prayers and dinner. There were a lot of stalls around the venue selling food, drinks and also merchandise.

RM3,000 lucky draw

There was also a special Celcom booths where customers could reload and stand a change to win a lucky draw, with prizes up to RM3,000. Celcom customers could also relax and chill out in the special booth which included several consoles with Guitar Hero (or was it Rock Band??) loaded up.

Celcom booth

Zig Zag booth

I managed to come across the Zig Zag booth, selling Shiroi Neko merchandise, which is a label from Japan (wait, after some researching it seems to be based in Thailand, with the designs from Japan, not too sure about it though).

Merchandise booth

The label is quite famous in the European region, and according to their founder, you can only purchase it from Zig Zag in Malaysia. Internationally, their t-shirts are selling for USD69, but Zig Zag are selling it for only RM90 to cater for the local market. They are also sponsoring Shiroi Neko clothing to Search, and you can see the band wearing the t-shirts on that day itself.

Aru - Republic Of Brickfields

Republic Of Brickfields

Repulic of Brickfields continued the event after the break and they served up reggae tunes to the unsuspecting crowd. Their sound was really really solid and they played songs like Rahsia, Orang Planet, Emansipasi and also a rendition of Ku Tak Bisa.

Aru - Republic Of Brickfields

Lucky draw

There was a slight interval where the sponsors of the event performed the lucky draw and called out the lucky winners. Winners could then redeem their prizes after the event was over at the Celcom booth. Lucky, lucky!

Search banner


There was a looooooooooooong 1 hour delay before Search finally showed up on stage. The delay was slightly fueled by the fact that the cars were quadruple parked on the road that the Search tour bus couldn’t get anywhere nearby the entrance of the venue, they had to take motorbikes to get in. When members of the band were seen on stage, the front stage area was suddenly filled with media people, photographers, VIP pass holders and also members from the earlier bands.


Crowd was superb, really reached the estimated amount of 15,000 (I was a bit skeptical at first).

Amy - Search

Amy - Search


Amy was still rocking, running about stage, left and right, over the front speakers, and all around stage. Pyrotechnics was turned on the the front stage audience could feel the heat from the fire (non-stop jets for around 20-30 seconds at one go).

Amy - Search

Amy - Search

Search start the show with Panggung Khayalan and they soon started playing their hit songs one by one which included among others Laila Namamu Teratas, Gadisku, Isi Dan Kulit, Gadis Misteri, Gelora Cinta, Pawana and of course, Isabella. Halfway into the song, Balada Pemuzik Jalanan, the power supply was suddenly cut off and the stage went pitch black. The band went off stage and the crowd was wondering what happened. It took nearly 10 minutes for them to restore power and to continue to the next song.


While the solo for Isabella was going on, the lights when out and the spotlight suddenly shone on one side of the stage and there was Kid, the original guitarist for Search with the solo.



The massive crowd

They played about 15 songs in all and ended the night with Fantasia Bulan Madu. Of course the crowd hungered for more but the night had to end and I guess the band and Amy was definitely worn themselves out after all the running around.



Getting home was another problem as there was as many cars as the people in the venue. 15,000 people, 4 persons in 1 car, that makes about at least 3000 – 4000 cars just outside of the equestrian park. People don’t like to walk far, and as a result, they double park, triple park, and quadruple park. Yes it’s that insane. 4 lanes of cars parked on a 3 lane highway (the outer lane was free for cars to move along).

4 lanes double parking

My car was stuck in the very inner lane of the 4 lanes of parked cars and I had to make 2 phone calls to get the owners of the outer lane cars to move out before I could manuever my small car out to get back home.


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    Nice coverage of event, bro. Nice photos too.. Simply awesome.. :)

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    hi ken,
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