Homegrown paid its tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson by holding a 2 hour tribute on the 7th of August at the Audition Hall at Wisma Bentley. The free concert featured 11 local acts of various genres each performing a different Michael Jackson song in the performer’s individual style and flavor.


It was a well staged event with 400 guests of all walks of life attending. No, this wasn’t your average rock gig. Parents came with children, artists and singers, VIPs, music fans, and everyone in between. The spread of the H1N1 virus was taken into consideration and temperature checks were conducted just before entering the auditorium.

Sarah Lian & Qi

The event started at 8.30pm with hosts Qi and local beauty Sarah Lian.  The first act of the day was Asian Percussion Unit and they performed a medley of Shake Your Body & Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough through their unique beats and variety of instruments.


Local rapper Jin Hackman started off with a freestyle rap and then continued to onto the song Pretty Young Thing and transformed it into a rap-styled performance.


Hey hey, as evident by the opening act, APU, tonight’s event wasn’t only restricted to bands and singers. Transient Vortex, more popular known for their electronica music was present as well. They played a remixed version of Rock With You.


Funk band, Happy Nightmare was up next with a Jackson 5 song, ABC.



Qi (the male host) was poking fun at Ferhad’s female-ish voice several times on stage just before Ferhad came up and boy, Ferhad really delivered. Female-ish voice or not, Ferhad’s performance was one of the best that night. His vocals was really strong and and sounded really Michael Jackson-like that night.


He managed to put in two fantastic songs that night, Man In The Mirror and also You Are Not Alone, both slow songs that really highlighted his vocal prowess.


As mentioned previously, tonight wasn’t only for people who could sing, play instruments or use a mixer. There was also a Michael Jackson impersonator/performer who went by the name of MJ Nada. He even had a tweaked nose that looked like MJ’s one.


No points for guessing which moves made the audience cheer the loudest. Yeah, the moonwalk. He even did a moonwalk for the encore as the crowd was loving it like mad. Good one MJ Nada!



One interesting turn up was The Otherside Orchestra, popular for their eccentric mix of dance and electronic with a focus to the rock genre. They picked the ever so popular Thriller as their song choice. Somehow, the sound setup did not manage to bring out the best in the band this time. Hmm….



Pop singer Melissa Indot came on stage with Deja Voodoo Spells and performed Smooth Criminal which was made popular by the band Alien Ant Farm. She was even wearing a custom made t-shirt with the words ‘MI heart MJ‘ on the front.



After Melissa Indot, Deja Voodoo Spells stayed back on stage and it was their turn to perform, this time, as their own band. Rithan (arguably one of the best guitar players in SEA) manage to craft the song Billie Jean into a Deja Voodoo styled rock ‘n’ roll song with a nice solo interlude as well.




Now, to get all the bases covered, Pure Vibracion was needed to give the tribute a touch of reggae and dang it was superb. Everyone was wondering how would it sound and by the time the first guitar riff got plucked, the crowd was feeling it. And by the time Joe sung the first sentence of They Don’t Really Care About Us, the whole auditorium was loving it and moving to the reggae groove. It was really, really good (now how many of you guys have heard a Michael Jackson song in reggae tunes?)




If Ferhad got the best vocal performance and Pure Vibracion got the best surprise performance, Love Me Butch definitely will get the most hardcore performance tonight. Their performance of Beat It was full of power and energy that even I felt more energetic while capturing photos of them. As usual, Syarul and MengKong was moving around the stage ferociously while was more focused in his position.




The audience (full house!)


What other way to end the night other than a slow performance of Smile by *surprise* Mr. Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of 8TV and indie jazz darling, Liyana of Estrella. Izham was on the pianos while Liyana was on the vocals. (The song Smile was also sung by Michael’s brother, Jermaine during the memorial service over in the USA)



The 2 hour concert wasn’t enough as people still wanted more, some stayed to buy t-shirts, some had a chat with the performers and some took the opportunity to get photographs with their favorite performers.





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