Rockaway 2009 (Part 3)

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More hardcore action for the night as Restraint continued the event. I don’t know whether there was a circle pit going as requested by the vocalist, but I was sure of constant moshing during Restraint’s set. The stage lighting was fully turned on and I could snap brighter and more vivid pictures to fully reflect the mood of the event.


As hardcore as they may seem and as hardcore as you may mosh, be sure to pick up whoever falls or trips in the mosh pit (who knows you might be the next to fall down and get trampled on your face). Be good!




Right after Restraint, airplane darlings Pesawat took stage with Jipie (vocalist) on the pianos for the dramatic Coldplay style intro before continuing into Excuse Me, Rasional Emosional, Hitam and then back to the keyboards for Mirage.




Pesawat gave a really, really powerful performance I shall say (coupled with the pianos for more dramatic effect). Definitely a band to look out for, hope they come out with new songs soon.


Hard hitters Love Me Butch was in the lineup as well, satisfying the crowd’s thirst with songs such as Generation SOS, Barricade, Hollywood Holiday and their latest single, Come Out Come Out.



As usual, they were all over the stage with Meng having his favorite point right at the edge of the stage along with Kong. Syarul though, was running everywhere.



It’s been a while since I seen Pop Shuvit perform but they did manage to keep the crowd’s energy high at this time of the night (they were the second last band that night). They played a couple of new songs with some old ones included (Old Skool Rocka).



Brandished with his trademark loud hailer (now even more cool after being airbrushed), Moots continued with their new single (and a very good and catchy one as well), Oh! Shizuka.



Which quickly led him to coming down the stage and jumping into the crowd. Look at the hands!



And well, last band of the night, the organisers of the show, Love Me Butch. Well, they managed to keep the show running very well on a nice timing and schedule, no technical glitches and best of all, NO DELAYS! From what I heard, they managed to organise everything on a very tight budget (hmm, the stage looks too awesome to be on a tight budget).



And so, they killed the stage, moving everywhere around stage while performing Love Song, Khayalan Masa and Kelibat Korupsi. Kelibat Korupsi was helped by a couple of dudes from the audience, after which they remained on stage to dance with the band. Not bad.



There you have it, one of the most solid rock concerts this year, organised by One Buck Short and co-sponsored by Jack ‘n’ Jill. Oh, not to mention again, it was FREE. Too bad the venue was too small to pack in a couple more thousand people.


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