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What determines the value of a painting?
There are several factors that influence the value of a painting. The primary factor is the value individuals or entities are willing to pay to acquire the painting. In other words the value is determined by what the market is willing to bear for the painting. This, of course, is directly correlated with the acclaim of the artist and the availability of the artist’s paintings. Through the years, several artists have been masters of the craft during their time; of these some have pioneered new styles, schools and directions in the art of painting. This achievement creates high benchmarks for the artists of that time, and in turn puts a high value to the artist’s work that pioneered the new direction. The spirit of pioneering and leadership are not the only criterion for valuing an artwork. The technique, composition and integrity of the painting are essential. This aspect, however, is taken for granted if the artist is a master in the field, but does play a part in differentiating paintings by the same artist.

With contemporary artists, it is often their ingenious interpretation of the world around them and their style and technique of portraying that world that excites art buyers and in turn raises the value. Quite often the period, subject and circumstances under which the artist painted the work plays a role in determining value. Every artist has a “golden period” in his or her career, and paintings from this time are quite often valued higher. Also, the emotional attachment and the relevance of the painting to the artist itself plays a role in value.

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