Rockaway 2009 (Part 1)

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Rockaway 2009 was held last month, on the 20th of June 2009 at Capsquare. Upon arriving at noon time, the crowd was already huge! The venue was a bit too small for the amount of people who attended. Well, there was also Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 happening at Bukit Jalil, but all those who came to Rockaway show their spirits and supports for our local acts. Kudos!

The audience area was shaped like a funnel, where a long road led to a medium-sized area in front of the stage. The stage as really huge and tall, allowing people at the back to see what was happening on top of stage.


Car Crash Hearts was nearly ending their set as I entered the VIP area situated just to the right side of the audience area (slightly elavated, allowing a better view). Even though being the first and opening band for the event, the crowd was already hyped out and wanted more from them.



Check out the crowd, and this was just after the first band finished performing.


Of course, there were booths setup all around the venue selling all sorts of merchandise ranging from clothing, CDs, drinks and snacks. Speaking about snacks, Jack ‘n’ Jill was giving away tons of snacks.


The second opening act was Medusa who played a flavor of heavy cum death metal. What a great way to give the crowd more reason to get hyped up during the very beginning of an event.




Our dear emcees, Sara and Rina Omar.


There was a slight reschedule in the event programme so Couple moved up a few slots earlier, and of course the crowd loved it. Almost all songs had sang alongs which included Cmon Operator, Pergi, Menarilah Hey!, Come Back Again and the infectious Rock n Roll. They even threw in a new song, which I didn’t manage to get its name.



Super, super enthusiastic crowd.




Up and next was Deng Deng Etc., of which I have heard previously but never witness them performing live on stage. It was no mistake and eventhough slighlty suprising, it was definitely not out of place as they performed they blend of Mandarin hardcore songs. Who would not like an afternoon filled with a blend of rock and hardcore bands?



The crowd was moshing and banging to their music despite being sang in Mandarin. There you go folks, no discrimination but good music!



Smack right after Deng Deng Etc, was Bittersweet. Crowd favorites nearly everywhere they play. Nearly everyone was hyped up as Bittersweet was preparing on stage and right after Cubaan, they went into their rhythm. Crowd energy levels was superb although nobody wanted the snacks that Pijie threw into the crowd.




There, the funnel shaped audience area. You can see the crowd funnelling off in the far distance towards the left.



Burn Berlin Down!


Check out part 2 here http://www.lifeinkl.com/2009/08/04/rockaway-part-2/ featuring the evening bands.


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