Terbang Oh! Bulan (Part 1)

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The Terbang Oh! Bulan gig was supposed to be held on the 6th of May but then got delayed to the 13th of May to due to venue’s mistake in assigning the venue to another event organiser. It was held at SRJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh.

Terbang Oh Bulan

Terbang Oh Bulan

Upon arrival at 2pm, the event already started, but the inside of the hall wasn’t filled up yet, not until Hujan came. When the crowd heard that Hujan was up next, everyone rushed into the hall to get their best spots.


Hujan started their set with their new song, Obsesi before continuing on with the rest of their popular songs such as Empayarmu, Lonely Soldier Boy, Aku Scandal, Ludah Amerika before ending their set with Ahmoi Chantek.

Noh Hujan

AG - Hujan



It was not over yet for Hujan though, as they stayed on to play with Butterfingers under the new tagline Butterfingers and Friends. Half Hujan, and half Butterfingers. AG on the guitars, Dimas on keyboards, Noh on vocals, Kadax on bass and Loko on drums.


Kadax - Butterfingers & Friends

It sounded great, and it was a pleasure to witness both of my favorite bands playing at the same time as one band. Too bad they didn’t play the older favorites such as Chrome, My Chemistry, E, and the rest. They focused on their later releases such as Ngilu, Kabus Ribut, 1000 Tahun, Selamat Tinggal Dunia and Bebas.



The front half of the venue was already packed by ths time.

Butterfingers & Friends

And right after Butterfingers and Friends, crowd favorite and Ipoh natives Bittersweet took stage.



Setting up didn’t take long and after Cubaan, they went full blast, with the crowd enjoying themselves full blast as well. Among the songs they played were Burn Berlin Down, Kuching Hitam, Ceritera and also one new English song (What You Gonna Do Now?).


Pijie - Bittersweet


Check out Bittersweet’s crowd!

Bittersweet's crowd

As evening came, Green Paver, who were also the event organisers took stage with Bob as the vocalist. Among the songs they played were Terbang, Duniaku, Cahaya and Sahabat.

Green Paver

Bob - Green Paver

Green Paver

Catch part 2 here: http://www.lifeinkl.com/2009/07/24/terbang-oh-bulan-part-2/


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  1. Wan - July 20, 2009 / 1:28 am

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