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The Terbang Oh! Bulan gig was supposed to be held on the 6th of May but then got delayed to the 13th of May to due to venue’s mistake in assigning the venue to another event organiser. It was held at SRJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh.

Terbang Oh Bulan

Terbang Oh Bulan

Upon arrival at 2pm, the event already started, but the inside of the hall wasn’t filled up yet, not until Hujan came. When the crowd heard that Hujan was up next, everyone rushed into the hall to get their best spots.


Hujan started their set with their new song, Obsesi before continuing on with the rest of their popular songs such as Empayarmu, Lonely Soldier Boy, Aku Scandal, Ludah Amerika before ending their set with Ahmoi Chantek.

Noh Hujan

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