Rockaway 2009

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Rockaway 2009

Rockaway 2009 will be a heck of a concert and is being organised by One Buck Short in collaboration with Jack n’ Jill Rollercoaster. The line up is really great as all the heavy hitters of the music industry such as Bittersweet, Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, Love Me Butch, Bunkface, SevenCollar T-shirt, Couple, and Pesawat will be performing.

The best part? It’s FREEEEEEEEEEE. Yes, 9 great hours of music for just RM0.00. You just have to present yourself at Capsquare on the 20th of June at 1pm to witness it all. To make it even sweeter, the first 1000 attendees will receive complimentary goodie bags. There will definitely be a free t-shirt inside along with some snacks.

There will be an after party featuring Twilight Action Girl too.

For more info, refer to the flyer or head to http://rockaway2009.com/

The festival is organised by popular Malaysian band One Buck Short, who were inspired to offer local independent rock bands the opportunity to showcase their latest music to the public. The band was recently named the Voize Independent Music Award’s Best Rock Group and has opened for international bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

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