My Stereo Rocks 2009

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The 2009 My Stereo Rocks was also held at Zouk, similar to the 2008 one. The exciting thing about this one is that one of their official partners were RTM and that REVENGE will be performing their last and final set during the event before they go into a rest (well, according to their MySpace, but heck, they will be performing at SEARCH‘s final leg of their tour at Mont Kiara this August 1st).


When we arrived, Nadia’s Picture Show was already performing with the crowd already warmed up and enjoying the tunes. Crowd turnup was really good, with the venue nearly full and with more people trickling in.


Followed by The Rhaman. At this point, I made my way to the top floor as the space between the front of the stage and the barrier was too tight for any photographing.


As soon as I got up, Maximus got on stage to rock the crowd.




At this moment, the venue was really packed and people had to squeeze their way through if they want to get from one side to another. On a side note, after around 7 or 8 rows from the the front barrier, they were some furniture and stools in place but this did not stop any bodysurfing attempts.


Couple then came on stage and opened with C’mon Operator. This time around they have more Bahasa Malaysia songs up their sleeves of which they played together with songs from their debut album and new album.


Among the songs played were Tentang Kita, Now That I Can See, Rock N Roll, Pergi and Menarilah Hey!. Through out their whole set, the crowd was singing along to nearly all their songs. Encore they had, and they delivered Hey Now to the happy fans.



Komplot also delivered a couple of crowd favorite songs such as Konflik Metropolis and Nora Zen. Speaking about smart, the vocalist was completed decked out in a full suit with a red tie. Well, if all the band members wore like that, it would have been real awesome.





And then, the moment everyone (well, quite some people I guess) have been waiting for, REVENGE! Even before the lights were turned on, the crowd was going mad and it was mad after the lights was turned on right until the end of their set.



It was not only the crowd that went crazy, the whole band was crazy as well with their awesome flair and showmanship. Their vocalist, Ayid, was the outstanding one, going all around stage ganging up with the guitarists and bassist while they played their instruments and posing to photographers. And the photographers too, all of a sudden, the whole front stage was swarmed with photographers (I don’t know where they all came from) but REVENGE was smart and kind enough to stand back a little for the photographers to move around (not to mention again they LOVE to pose for photos). There was a cameo appearance by Mr. Ted Adnan (their official photographer) there as well!!


R-E-V-E-N-G-E was in their set list along with the Japanese one, Rokku Japparena. And of course, the popular synchronized movements during Legends of Rock n Roll was all there as well. Ayid also stage dived into the crowd and returned safely to stage just before their set ended.



As with other gigs, there will always be a breather after a heavy act, and Yuna was perfectly suit for it. After all the heavy photographing in front of the stage, the photographers just sat down quietly while Yuna performed, heck the front of the stage became a sitting platform now.



The Times then continued giving the crowd sing along songs, and they started out with Disko Dansa before playing other popular songs such as Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur and Tunjuk Perasaan among others (didn’t manage to write down what songs they played).




Bunkface was the last band of the day (well, it was only about 7pm) and they totally rocked it out with the BUNK Anthem, Situasi and their new single, Revolusi (damn, I always get it confused with Generasi).




And there you have it, My Stereo Rocks 2009! Despite the occasional delays in between bands and soundchecks (they did not have the chance to soundcheck before the event), the gig was solid. The only downside is that the stage was a bit small and the venue was too tight compared to the old Zouk. Nevertheless, the venue was way better compared to ultra small Barsonic.

It was still kinda bright outside after the gig was over (well, sun was setting) which was a delight as there was still time to eat, party, and perform whatever you needed to do before the day ended.

Looking forward to My Stereo Rocks 2010!


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