A Letter Of Appeal To Malaysian Politicans

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I came across this while browsing through the zubedy website ( and I thought, heck, this is what we all Malaysian citizens really want.

We don’t really care whether it’s BN or PR ruling Perak, who the speaker is or what car they are driving. We just want to lead our normal daily lives, earn some cash, and read some more interesting articles in the newspapers instead of rubbish like someone being dragged out of a chair. At the end of the day, we need to to eat and feed our family.


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(The full image is white, I don’t know why the thumbnail is black)

Thanks to Anas Zubedy, for this simple, yet true-to-heart letter. The original post can be found at

Have a meaningful Malaysia, by zubedy

On a sidenote, do checkout zubedy’s new book, titled ‘Have a meaningful Malaysia‘. It is a collection of past zubedy advertisements which contain really interesting yet simple messages/lessons for us to lead a better and more harmonious life. It is priced at RM46.00 and can be found at all major bookstores (I got mine from KLCC Kinokuniya). If you can’t afford it, feel free to photocopy it from someone (or me, in that case) because zubedy won’t mind.

Excerpt from the blog:

If you really cannot afford RM46.00 for the book (one ringgit for each year since 1963 – the year Malaysia was born), go ahead and borrow one from a friend and photocopy it. I do not want you to feel guilty doing it. Only one for your own use, okay.

For more information on the book, check out


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